Can I take supliments once a week?

This post really has come about as I take several supliments, but keep forgetting to take some. I take vitD,K2,B12,B complex,vit C. I also have started a probiotic once a day. Because I have to take them well after my thyroid meds I forget. I've tried setting an alarm on my phone, but end up ignoring it! .. No self discipline !!! Hahaha.

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  • Ummm... no. I don't think so. Can you really, in all honesty, contemplate the massive amount of pills you would have to swallow in one go if you took 7 of each once a week? These things are needed, and used, on a daily basis. You would probably over-dose on the day you took them, and make yourself ill, and then be deficient for the rest of the week. The body can't store B vits, nor vit C. It's not something I would recommend to anyone. :(

  • I think some people take vit d in weekly doses. Cuts it down a bit

  • simply wont work taking supplements once a week

    I always suggest you take them before going to bed since many are better absorbed on an empty stomach

    make it part of your nightly routine because as a thyroid patient even when deficiencies are corrected its vital to always continue to take a really good multivitamin every night

  • Don't we all! What about investing in a 7 day am/pm pill box? Some of them even have an alarm on them.

  • You can take vitamin D once a week but then you would have to swallow 7 times your dose of vitamin D with the other vitamin pills you take on that day so not worth it.

    All the rest you need to take daily.

    As the others said go and buy yourself an am and pm pill box to carry around with you. Every Sunday put the pills for that week in the relevant sections of the pill box.

    Vitamin D you need to take when you around the time you are eating fat so taking it on an empty stomach at night won't work.

    So set an calendar alarm for lunchtime, walk around with water and when the alarm goes just put the pills in your mouth then wash them down.

  • Rennixon Do you need to get up for the loo during the night? If so then you could take thyroid meds then, which is what I do. Another way is to take your thyroid meds once a week, taking a week's worth in one go isn't a problem as Levo has a half life of about 7 days.

  • Oooh thank you all for your replies, do you know I honestly hadn't thought about taking them at night 😖. I usually remember the b12, so that prompts the B complex. Good idea to get a am, pm pill box, that way I can take at night. Never thought about taking levo once a week either - still 14 pills 😝

    I'm sure I rattle ( when I remember to take them all)

  • Rennixon,

    Most supplements should be taken with food. Vitamin D should be taken with the fattiest meal of the day as fat aids absorption.

  • yes it's the blinking vit d I forget! I need to din it into my head to take this. Usually take the b12 at lunch, maybe I should take this before evening meal & then I can take vitD &k2 as well. It's hard to keep track of them all, but I will start to take the others at night. I think I'm viewing it as a chore!!

  • Rennixon,

    I set taking supplements as tasks on my phone. I don't mark tasks completed until I've taken the supplements.

  • Rennixon I've seen 'take vitamins in the morning and minerals at night', I sort of stick to that.

    This might help - mentions that B12 can be stimulating so better in the morning.

    When I first started my supplement regime, there were so many that I made spreadsheet and listed them all under Breakfast, Lunch, Evening, Bedtime, then ticked them off as I took them. It's routine now so I don't need a reminder any more.

  • Thanks for the link. I like the sound of a spreadsheet!!

    Oh & thanks for your tip on my last post- apple cider vinegar works a treat! 👍

  • Rennixon Good to hear the ACV works for you :) I get on well with it, Betaine HCl didn't do it for me - at least I don't have to take any more capsules!

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