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Over the course of the l woke up and both areas around my eyes were all red and swollen and my upper lip was also swollen some with those tiny bumps (not itchy) all over my upper lip. Has anyone on this forum ever experienced something such as this? This has now happened several times over the past few months. I watch what I eat and don't stray so know that when this happens it really isn't anything I have eaten or I would have this continuously. Just the other day I saw what looked to be a very tiny red spot just under my eye, the next morning I woke up with my eye area swollen and the bumps on upper lip and swollen upper lip. Very puzzling to me and would appreciate any feedback from anyone that might have had this happen to them. Thanks.

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  • Guysgrams, Have you ruled out insect bites or allergy from a new detergent or softener? Otherwise it sounds like an allergy to something you've eaten or a med you've taken. Your pharmacist may be able to advise whether it looks like an allergic reaction.

  • No on the insect bits. Nothing has changed in anything I eat. My diet these days is pretty boring and the same so if I was allergic to something I ate I would think this would happen almost continuously but it doesn't. Same detergent and all that stuff too. I'll have to check with a pharmacist next time it occurs I guess. I plan on inquiring when I visit my PCP next time but since this doesn't happen everyday it will be hard to try and describe, seeing is a whole other thing. Thanks for the feedback though.

  • Guysgrams, can you take some selfie pix to show GP?

  • I'll have to do that. The redness and swelling is gone now. I did take one the first part of the Summer when I had a real bad case so will have to show her that one if it doesn't happen again before I see her.

  • I would ask your doctor to refer you to a Moorfields Eye Hospital (many hospitals now have one within them). I think you should have your eyes checked properly by a Specialist.

  • Thanks. Will discuss with my PCP next time it happens.

  • It could be helpful to keep a diary to tabulate everything you eat, where you go, what you wear etc to see if a pattern arises. If it's an allergy it could be anything and the fact you have always used that make up, etc doesn't mean that you are ok with it now. Whilst you are doing this do let the pharmacist look at what could be possible reactions. I've often found they are very knowledgable.

  • Thanks so much.

  • Do you use facial wipes? I had the same symptoms as you and eventually found out it was from some Nivea facial wipes which contained methylisothiazolinone which I had been using to remove eye make up.

    This horrid chemical is found in many products including most shampoos and also in suncreams.

    I have been allergic to this for a long time without realising and many people are.

    Definitely worth reading the ingredients on every single product you use in your face/head to see if this chemical is in it.

  • Thanks. I haven't been using makeup at all lately so that isn't it but will most certainly look at some of the other stuff I use and see if that is in any of them. I appreciate your feedback.

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