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Can anyone advise best way to allergy test?

I've have another red rash on my face today again but thankfully my throat didn't tighten up this time. The first rash was a couple of weeks ago.

I'm going to take an allergy test and I know a homeopath chap, so was thinking of making an appointment with him.

Does anyone think this is a good way to test or is a blood test better?

I've not been on any supplements since the last rash a couple of weeks ago so it can't be a reaction to those.

I did have a shandy with my roast dinner. I've not had a shandy for 20 years. Could it be that?

Thank you.

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I had allergy testing on the nhs but it was a 5-6 month wait from referral to my actual appointment they wouldn’t test me for food as I don’t come out in a rash and said it sounded like I’m intolerant instead.

if I drink alcohol (2 sips) my face flushes bright red patches and it feels red hot they said this was an intolerance


Thanks so much for your reply. It is waiting game with the NHS & that's frustrating.

I think I may be intolerant to alcohol as the years go by, with having being hypo & hashi. I don't even drink, so this was a rare one off😳

I've just been reading up on a RAST blood test too.

As I'm still itchy I think the homeopathic chap may be able to fit me in tomorrow, we'll see.

Took a one day antihistamine around 3pm.

Thanks again replying.


I had skin prick test and 1 blood test , the wait is shocking especially as my tongue was tingling and it effects my asthma my gp had to keep putting me on steroids, I would wait for the anti-histamine to be out of your system that will be at least 48 hr or you might get a false negative.


Right-o. Thanks for the 48 hour advice, it does makes sense.

I feel for you with the tingling aspect. When it's your tongue or throat it is alarming. Thank you again.

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I was told by a dietician that the best way to identify an allergen is to do an elimination diet.


Thank you 🙂


The only connection I can make thus far is, the first time I had eaten organic cornflakes & second time drinking the shandy & both contain malt barley & reacted straight away both times. I never eat or drink these products. Introducing them again would be an interesting experiment. Thanks again.


I've tried eliminating various foods but it doesnt seem to make any difference! I have an appointment with a kinesiologist for allergy testing.


I remember seeing a kinesiologist many many years ago, it's certainly another option. All the best for your appointment & thanks for replying 🙂


Thanks Paula. I'll post my experience when I've seen her.

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