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Test Result. What should I do now?

Hello. I'm new here and I live in the U.S. I've been reading for awhile and have learnt so much from all the comments but I need help understanding my latest tests. I have subacute thyroiditis which started in April this year. My first tests showed I was hyperthyroid. Here are my latest test results.

T3, total value 75 Ref. range (76-181 ng/dL)

Folate, Serum 14.4 (>5.4 ng/mL)

B12 value 519 (200-1100 pg/mL)

T4 Free 1.1 (0.8-1.8 ng/dL

TSH, 3rd generation 6.36 (0.40-4.50 mIU/L)

Iron 138 (45-160 mcg/dL)

TIBC 349 (250-450 ug/dL)

% Saturation 40 (11-50%)

Ferritin 20 (20-288 ng/mL)

Vitamin D 24 (30-100 ng/mL

Thank you.

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Vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin B12 is too low. Supplement with methylcolbalamine lozenges. Solgar or Jarrows are recommended in the UK - you can get them on Amazon. You want a level of around 1,000 on retest.

Ferritin is too low. You want a ferritin level in the middle of the range. Do you have a haemoglobin result?

Vitamin D is too low. Your doctor should tell you what to take but at your level it is 10,000IU of vitamin D3 for 12 weeks. Then you should get retested and modify your dose accordingly. You want to get a vitamin D level of a minimum of 40ng/mL.

B vitamins - you should take a vitamin B complex with more than the RDA in it to balance out the b vitamins. Don't take one specific for your gender.

Thyroid hormones:

TSH should be around 1 what medication are you on?


Hi! Thanks for responding Bluebug.

When I saw the B12 number was in mid range I thought that was okay so thanks for flagging that.

The only haemoglobin test was from when I was first diagnosed with thyroiditis and I was hyperthyroid at that time.

Haemoglobin was 13.3 g/dL (11.1-15.9 g/dL)

I am not on any medication as the endo Dr. said he wanted to wait until he checked T3,T4 and TSH in 3 months.

I plan to speak to the Doctor next week as my blood pressure is high and he said something about taking a Betablocker.

I really hope that sorting all this out will help with my hair which has been thinning for years. It has become like straw too. My head is itchy, on and off too, as is my skin. I was never tested before for any of this but just told it was my age. It started decades ago! Oh yes and then since menopause I have struggled with weight gain too. Grrr!


Ok then to raise your ferritin levels, which again you have to sort out yourself, you need to take one ferrous fumerate tablet with vitamin C and water 2 times per day. Take it 4 hours away from thyroid medication and 2 hours away from food, drink and other supplements.

You can either get it from a pharmacy but you must tell the pharmacist that "I have low iron and my doctor told me to get it", or from Amazon. If you do go to a pharmacy make sure it's a pharmacy you don't get your other prescriptions filled at.

Get enough to have 84 tablets and after you have finished the course, wait 7 days and then you MUST have a ferritin test. This is important to know whether you are absorbing the iron and have any problems as iron supplementation can cause some people problems.

If you have problems with the iron supplements start a new thread.

Link (please read) -

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I must ask about that when I speak to the Dr. Thanks.


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