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Hi my new GP has ordered blood tests for 4 weeks time as i upped my Levo from 75 to 100 on alternate days i know where i am with vitamins now up folate and vit d ferritin could be better.. on my last blood tests in July my TSH had gone up again.. The Endo as per usual said all was normal apart from TSH.. Next blood test is for (TF2) TFT2: on Thyroxine, (TF4) TFT4 on lithium/amiodarone, (TF3) TFT3, (XTFT ) will these tests be suffient ? If i up my Vitamins bit more my B12 is very good now..

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TSH, FT4 and FT3 is a full thyroid panel and it looks like they are included in the tests you have listed.


Thank you Clutter wasnt sure im learning!


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