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Which Tests?

I have been a viewing member for a while now and have an appointment with my doctors as feeling terrible again. Have been on 75mg Levo for a year now but not tested for 6 months - what blood tests should I ask for in addition to T4 and TSH to gain a full picture of where I am and if I should take any other Vitamins / Supplements - Any advice gratefully received :-)

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Ask for a Vit B12 and Vit D, ferritin, folate and iron blood test. You should be aiming for a TSH below 1 or suppressed if you are still not feeling well or the addition of some T3. Your GP may be unaware of this as they like to keep you within 'normal range' so when you get your new blood test results, post them here complete with the ranges and someone will comment.


Thank you Shaws, appreciate your help as I am finding it hard to understand the impact all these tests have on each other and it seems to be very complicated to get things right on reading many of the posts. As everyone else just want to feel I can function again with some normality!

Reply may be possible that you need to have your Anti-bodies checked....... anti-TPO and anti-Tg . Auto-immune disease of the Thyroid is the most common of Thyroid ailments called Hashimotos. This can often cause a conversion problem of T4 into T3. The latter being the most active of the thyroid hormones and needed in all the cells of the body. The brain and the gut have the biggest demands for T3. So maybe a good idea to have the FT3 tested as well.

The tests that Shaws above suggests are so important as they will aid conversion and make you feel so much better. Make sure you get the results printed with the ranges and then we can assist. Don't allow your GP to say they are NORMAL - when they are just ' in range ' - they will need to be near the TOP.....

Good Luck and keep posting....and you will soon feel good. I have learnt so much from this forum.


Thanks Marz - With regard to getting a print out of the results, I am usually fobbed off with either over officious receptionists or my doctor saying they are normal - I am easily intimidated by their authoritive position and back off, what's the best way to insist on getting a copy of the results?


.....thanks to Rod - should find you the information you require regarding obtaining your results. Also regarding fees.... Good Luck and no need to feel intimidated. We are all right behind you......


.....Rod is good on this one and Shaws - apparently it is your RIGHT - part of the European legislation. Maybe have a look at the tags - ( right side of this page ! ) and see if there is one for results. Please do not be fobbed off....I know it is difficult when being bullied. I am lucky to live in Crete - we have to take care of our own medical records ! They obviously think we are grown up enough !


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