More blood tests

I saw my nurse at the GPs today. After getting a normal TSH level last week she arranged for me to see her.

She got me to do some more tests including the T3 and T4. She said she didnt think it was thyroid considering my symptoms.

My symptoms are rapid weight gain, sore throat with husky voice, very low mood, spots almost boils on my nose and chin and hair broken and falling out.

The weight gain was more of a suprise. Half a stone within a matter of week.

She is testing my iron and B12 levels. Along with liver function etc.

I cant see a doctor though for a fortnight so this will be a long wait. I just feel like upping the dose myself but i know that is stupid.

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  • Normal TSH means zilch because if you have Central Hypothyroid your TSH will be low and considered normal 

    What matters is free t4 free t3





    Vit d3

  • Secrethair,

    Normal simply means TSH was within a range of something like 0.35-5.0.  Do you know what the TSH result was?

  • No they couldnt generate a report for me or tell me what it was. Something to do with it being pending from the lab. 

    I tried to get an answer but nope.

    Thats the way my surgery is

  • Secrethair,

    Thyroid results are usually reported to the practice overnight.  GP should probably be allowed 48 hours to review them.  After that they should be available to you.  Give it a few days and ask your GP receptionist for the results and ranges or arrange to collect a printout.

  • It's not stupid to increase the dose yourself so long as you know what symptoms to look out for if you are taking too much (fast pulse, sweating, loose bowels, headaches....). It depends whether you have enough spare meds to be able to take more for a couple of weeks. It's your body and your health, not theirs.

  • I do have enough. Im on 100mcg now but i have some 25s. I just worry about consequences. 

  • If you have already have your blood test you won't affect the results. If you think your doctor is going to raise your dose anyway then he doesn't need to know that you have done yourself a favour a couple of weeks early. It's your choice though. 

    One day I will come clean with my doctor and tell her I am taking 175mcg where she is actually prescribing 75mcg. Over the last 3 years I have increased my dose whenever I felt symptoms returning. But I do have the autoimmune (hashimotos) form of hypothyroidism (ie I have TPO antibodies) so I would expect to be increasing my dose as my thyroid fails. I am hoping that I have now reached my 'full replacement dose' and won't have to increase it any more. 

  • Wow so you have really taken control. What symptoms do you recognise to then go up? 

  • How do you get the extra meds? I'm OK at the moment but you never know about the future and what the GP will let you have.

  • I get a distinctive form of tinnitus, feel unreasonably cold, get poor balance, constipation, and a few other irritating symptoms. Eeveryone is different though.

  • Friends of mine visit Turkey regularly where you can buy Levothyroxine over the counter for about £1 a packet. I believe Greece and some other countries sell it too. Otherwise there's always the internet - buying for your own personal use is OK. Selling it on to others is frowned upon.

  • Just wrote another post but got some levels back. Tell me what you think...

    TSH 0.66 and T3 4.7 (im sure she said T3) Im waiting for T4 to come back.

  • You need the ranges as well, as they are different from lab to lab.

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