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New Blood Results August 6 2016 T3 Only at 7 1/2 pills

These are my latest blood tests. Please provide me with all/any feedback!!Unfortunately, all my antibodies are way up plus my monocytes. I also still have an itchy red rash on my legs?? I have been dealing with this rash for 1 month now.

Monocytes 1027 range 0.2-0.8 before .677

ASAT 34 range 15-41

ALAT 53 high range 7-35

Free T3 2.77 at 7 1/2 pills 25mcg per pill

Range 2.5-3.9

Before Feb 29 3.87

Free T4 <2.5

TSH 0.03 BEFORE FEB 29 0.04


ANTI TG 8 RANGE less than 4

B12 683 Range 180-914

Vitamin D 21.3 range 30-60

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7.5 pills of what? No telling without more information. How much hormone does each pill contain?

The itchy red rash..... Not pre tibial myexedema is it. :-(



I am taking 7 1/2 pills of T3. Each pill is 25mcg. I have no idea what the rash is. I thought maybe it has been an allergic reaction to too many pistachios..but it doesn't want to go away.


Wow thats a pretty hefty dose of t3 you must have a fair bit of resistance to it. Pre tibial myexodema can go hand in hand with thyroud issues. Worth doing a google search....


I have suffered with allergic reactions for years

Got one now on my neck..chest back of neck just give me steroid cream


Thank you so much. I think you are right on! It makes sence as my antibodies have increased at the same time. I had a general Dr look at it and she mistook it as an allergic reaction as well. But since I told her I wanted to avoid cortisone creams etc. She gave Fusidic acid cream which is an antibotic. It appears to be helping...I have much less red spots. But it still itches at times. I will have to work on bringing down my antibodies. Thanks so much!

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Hi enfrance, The best way I have found to bring down your antibodies is to cut out all gluten and dairy, and I mean all, no sneaky little bits that "won't hurt" maybe try gluten for a few weeks and see how that goes then try dairy ....


Pixielula- It makes sense I avoid gluten completely, but dairy is a love hate relationship..I avoid it then have it. My weakness is ice cream during the summer and French cheese. Ut now, I must cut it out!!:)



Wow ! ! ! .... You are medicating 187.5mcg T3, equivalent to 562.5mcg T4 .... and your thyroid hormones look LOW..

Apart from a rash, how do you feel ? ? .

I read there are people who need extra high doses of T3 to overcome an overactive D3 enzyme, which (I think) encourages T3 - T2, resulting in minimal T3 for biological use...... This would usually also result in high RT3 but as you are not medicating T4, am not sure where to go with this ? ? ? ....

Increased monocytes are common in auto immune disease, together with increased lymphocytes and possible swollen lymph nodes ? ? ....

Members often suffer from high liver enzymes with low thyroid hormone.

Vit D is too low. Members supplement D3 which improves the uptake of calcium from the diet, and K2, which directs the calcium to the bones.

Vit B12 is a reasonable result but given your health issues, it may be prudent to supplement methylcobalamin to raise up to 1000.

Have you had folate and ferritin tested ? ? ...

Reducing thyroid antibodies is important as elevated levels will increase inflammation and the chance of other auto immune disease developing.

Members have found a gluten fee diet to be beneficial and supplementing selenium known to reduce TPOAb.


Gluten//Thyroid Connection


Selenium reduces TPOAb's


Radd, Ironically I have felt much better. I also previously had very swollen ankles almost all the time and now they are basically normal. Thus thought of overmedication. My rash is almost gone after about 1 month of severe itchying scratching etc. Shew.

I will plan on increasing all the vitamins D, B12 and selenium to get my body to calm down. Anything else I might add?

165 Iron serum range 50-170 171 ferritine range 11-360 so both on the higher end. Folate wasnt checked, but I think it was fine last test.



It is great you feel better.

Vit D is the important one for reducing inflammation, and fish oils.

Addressing any gut issues and supplementing Betaine HCL & probiotics (if required) will help strengthen the immune system.

Eating well to keep blood sugar balanced and avoiding gluten and also anything cross reactive, will help lower your immune response (so lowering antibodies).


Radd-Great thank you. Upon return from vacation-I will start the pill regimen again. Especially Vitamin D and B12. Also, I do already take prebiotics and sometimes Betaine HCL. Since I had mercury poisioning before I am reluctant to take fish oil supplements? I prefer just to eat fish, fish skin and avoid the mercury laden ones. I am also once again going to avoid dairy as I think it is what did me in÷😭😖

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Why don't you try a different brand of t3. I wonder if it's of a good pharmaceutical strength. What brand of t3 are you taking. ?


Elizzajoe. I am taking Unipharma the strongest possibly. Before I was a Tiromel but I had to take more. I will check to see if there is any other options. I get mine from Greece..but realistically I guess I have no T3??


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