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Can't get a diagnosis

I have been having the following symtoms for 3 years since having a child. I have had all the thyroid bloods done I paid for them all but apparently they are normal

Extreme fatigue

Weight loss

Hair loss

Gum recession

Dry skin

Itchy scalp


Low in range ferritin and b12

Brain fog


Low mood

No sex drive

No appetite

gluten intolerance (negative coeliac blood test)

Spots on face when never had spots my whole life.

My results from last year are

T4 110 (58-161 nmol)

TSH 1.46 (0.40-4.00)

Ft4 14.2 (11.5-22.7)

Free t3 5.4 (2.8-6.5)

Ft4 ft3 ratio 2.6 (2.0-4.5)

Reverse t3 0.47 (0.14-6.54)

Thyroglobulin <20 (<40 iu/ml)

Per oxidase <10 (<35 iu/ml)

My recent TSH test done in February was 1.41 (0.40-4.00)

Doctors said in there own words they don't know what else to do with me. I have been referred to gastroenterology but that's my only hope at he moment to getting any answers.

Is there any other tests I can ask for? Do my results look normal?

My symtoms have recently got worse than ever before I usually have sort of flare ups that last a few weeks but this time it's going on for months and I'm struggling :(

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Laralou29 Well, your thyroid results are all in range so 'normal' as far as your GP is concerned. It's not really acceptable for your doctor to say he doesn't know what to do with you. It's his job, he trained and qualified as a doctor and now he's paid very well to do the job.

Are you addressing your low B12, ferritin and folate as suggested in your previous post?


Hi seaside Susie,

I am taking supplements for those but not seeing any improvements as of yet



Which supplements are you taking ? How much ?

Were you tested for B12 before you started supplementing ? What was your level ? If low it could explain many Hypo symptoms as they are so similar :-)


My ferritin is 30 (15-150)

B12 334 (200-99,999)

Taking b12 drops and spatone as can't take tablets. My levels are within range but low end of normal so from research decided I needed to up it


Yes your B12 needs to be around a 1000. What dose are you taking ? Ferritin needs to be around 80/90. It is often suggested a GOOD B complex is taken alongside the B12 - but as you are unable to take a tablet this will be difficult.

Do you have any gut issues causing mal-absorption ?


All I have been diagnosed with so far is ibs. I am waiting for gastroenterology appt in sept. I have been taking vitamin b complex liquid form from Holland and Barrett. I know my ferritin seems low but my iron level is normal which I don't understand.


When did you start taking supplements?

Supplements don't work immediately.

In the case of ferritin (iron) it takes about 6 months for blood levels to become optimal. So it can take 3-4 months until you feel better.

While B vitamins do show up in serum levels as being optimal quicker if you also have an issue with something that takes a long time to rise, in this case ferritin, then don't expect to feel slightly better until everything is at an adequate level.


Many women after delivery often have problems and maybe for the first time clinical symptoms.

Even though your blood tests are in the 'normal' range this is an excerpt which may be helpful from the date September 11, 2004:

Dr. Lazarus listed the most common symptoms of women with hypothyroidism associated with postpartum thyroiditis: low energy, aches and pains, poor memory, dry skin, and cold intolerance.

A point that Dr. Lazarus makes is well worth emphasizing: Some women with postpartum thyroiditis suffer from hypothyroid symptoms even when their TSH, T3, and T4 levels are "normal." If the patient's thyroid gland is damaged by thyroiditis, however, the thyroglobulin level in the blood and the iodine level in the urine may be increased. So if the postpartum patient with hypothyroid symptoms has "normal" TSH, T3, and T4 levels, she should ask her doctor to test her thyroglobulin blood level and urinary iodine concentration."

I note your thyrogllobulin level is fine.

Did you have a fasting blood test at the earliest possible time (you can drink water).

Before blood tests were brought in to diagnose hypo, doctors diagnosed us upon clinical symptoms and had a trial of thyroid hormones and if it relieved them that's how they were diagnosed. Thyroid hormones aren't dangerous. This is another link plus excerpt:

Laboratory thyroid function tests tell us nothing whatever about whether a person’s tissue metabolism is sufficient regulated for the person to be healthy. They tell us nothing whatever about a patient's thyroid-hormone-related general metabolic status. Thyroid patient advocates at Thyroid UK are a caring resource for people such as you in the UK. I encourage you to contact them. Their organization’s contact information is at their website:


Thanks for that information. I definitely didn't have a fasting blood test early time of day for any of my thyroid tests. Maybe needs doing then? X


Our TSH is highest early a.m. and drops throughout the day, so an early, fasting blood test might make it high enough to be diagnosed although the British Thyroid Association suggests 10 as a number for being diagnosed whilst elsewhere in the world it is above 3. I never know what to make of this decision as it can lead to a lifetime of illhealth if never diagnosed. Or given other medication for the symptoms but not thyroid hormones.

Also previously doctors diagnosed by symptoms - not the modern method unfortunately,


Also good idea to check your vitamin D level


Unfortunately my doctors won't do that


You can get it checked for £28 via city assay - as recommended by Thyroid Uk

Full thyroid check, many of us use thyroid plus eleven from Blue Horizon


Oh that's not too bad I think I'll have to do that then thanks


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