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Help with blood test results please

Help with blood test results please

Latest blood results since I have been on T4 T3 combo, I have built up to 75 T4 - 25 T3. Should I increase T3 and reduce T4 I haven't had any palpitations on this dosage feel I could take more T3, I have been sleeping better . Bit concerned about high ferritin.

Will be seeing Dr next week and will be showing him both blood results 1st on T4 only 2nd on T4 T3 combo.

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Have you been supplementing iron at all?

The main causes of high ferritin are:

1. supplementation

2. an iron storage disease such as haemochromatosis

3. inflammation

You need your GP to do a full iron panel and to get the results then request firmly your GP follow the advice given by this society - If you GP is completely clueless then request firmly to see a haematologist.


Hi thanks for reply not been supplementing with iron, last blood result in June ferritin was 323.1 August is 497.4 , I am supplementing b12, bcomplex magnesium vit d , selenium vit k and vit c. I have looked that up so will insist Dr does more tests. B12 and vit D has risen need to know if I am going right route with T3 feeling better but not great .


Sorry your T3 is nearly 3/4 of the range. This is the right level.

I should have made it clear too high iron like too low iron will make you feel terrible. You need to sort your ferritin level out asap.

Make it very clear without him asking and repeat it like a broken record you have not supplemented iron at all. Otherwise like me he would presume you have been taking supplements. It is clear he is clueless so don't let him leave it this time.

In the mean time if you feel breathless before you see him get someone to take you to A&E.


I havent been breathless but I am on Rivaroxaban due to pulmonary embolism could they have anything to do with it.


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