Blood Tests at Blue Horizon...I have not had any yet


Could you and anyone else please tell me what tests would be the most inclusive as I've not had tests done at all except for Tsh at GP...Am I able to do the Blue Horizons best test for Thyroid and minerals and vitamins and everything I need to cover. At home am I able to do this easily? I want to get started the right direction....not one doctor at my GP's will pay any attention...I cannot drive and need to use a wheel chair right now. Thanks so much.

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  • SusanKay,

    Blue Horizon Thyroid Profile 11 is a finger prick test which you can do at home. It covers the thyroid, vitamin and mineral testing you need.

  • Thank you Clutter so much for your help. I forgot one thing that has me very worried. Last week I went for Infliximab treatment at hospital for Rheumatoid Arthritis and no matter how many times they took my blood pressure over several hours of treatment as the last time 8 weeks before...It was terribly high...low number was up! I've read that the thyroid medication eventually helps

  • SusanKay,

    It may IF blood pressure is raised because thyroid levels are low.

  • Hi SusanKay

    Glad you had the answer from Clutter. Living in Crete means we are two hours ahead so sleep comes earlier than in the UK :-)

    Do post your results when you have them in a new post here - for people to comment. Blood pressure is usually a symptom of something else going on in the body and as Clutter suggests can be linked to the thyroid.

    Are you taking magnesium - it may help to relax the arteries that become less flexible and push up the blood pressure. Just a thought :-)

  • Marz

    Sorry about late messages...I didn't really expect any last night, but had to ask. I use spray magnesium. The past few month blood pressure has been high... As I read to the bottom of this link and also ready on the American Heart Association website as well, they say there is a link and after being on thyroid meds for awhile, it helps...I feel on the brink of a heart attack or stroke...I want thyroid meds though and not have medication messing things up. I want to get the thyroid 10 with vitamin D and reverse T3 but who will take the blood? I can't drive but there's no way I can take that vacutainer of blood at home. I'll have to get blood when my husband can take me...He can't be near it though without passing out. Is there a certain time for tests to be done and I abstain from taking other things? also only water since night before?

  • Yes best to do a fasting test and only drink water. Also best to do it early as you will have a TSH that is higher - which is better for diagnostic purposes.

    Do you have a Private Hospital near you ? They will do it for you I am sure for a fee.

    I would put this request out in a new post and mention where you live - the city/town - and people will come up with a solution for you - hopefully :-)

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