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Blue Horizon blood tests in Canada?

I was googling private blood testing in Canada and came across this site:


It has Blue Horizons Blood Tests on the main page. Patients pay for the blood test online, print a form and then go to Dynacare labs (which are legit) to get the blood drawn. I called the number that they list on their site and no-one answers, not even a machine, the phone just keeps ringing. I called Dynacare to see if they knew about Blue Horizon and they said no they had never heard of them.

Anyone from Canada actually use them? I need to know if they are legit. There is absolutely no guarantee that I can see that they will pass part of my payment onto Dynacare.

I'm thinking they might be affiliated with Blue Horizons in the UK as the website is hosted from there. I really hope they are legit....

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I'd ask Paul, BlueHorizonMedicals 😀

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Thanks so much, messaging him now!


Hi Kalicocat,

Thank you for your interest in Blood tests Canada and I apologise that your calls were not answered, I'll look into the call forwarding.

Yes,the Canada website works, and the lab form we give you to print out has our dynacare account number on. I'm not surprised that the staff you spoke to had not heard of us, we're a small client!

The only other reassurance I can give you is that you pay by PayPal so you're completely covered financially.

Best wishes



Hello Kalicocat

Were you able to get the Blue Horizon tests? I tried to contact them and even private messaged Paul, as suggested here, but get no reply. Tks


Yes, I have used them twice already! Once you pay, you download your requisition and print it. Then take the form with you to get your blood drawn at a Dynacare lab. Blood Tests Canada will email you your results. It's awesome! Now I can keep track of my thyroid and get Free T3 and Free T4 tested which my GP won't do. I asked my endo to give her instructions to always test both FTs, so hopefully that won't be an issue for me the next time she allows me to test...


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