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Blue Horizon blood tests, advice please


Another question this evening, I had blood test with Blue Horizon in June and paid the Medical fee plus the fee for the tests I had. It states you only pay the medical fee once no matter how many tests you have.

I would like more tests so does it mean I would not have to pay the medical fee again or does it a mean you have to pay every time you send for more tests.

Many thanks browny

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Hi! Have been looking at Spire+B/H tests - this is what is on their B/H Spire pg:

Our pricing policy is simple..

1. Pay a single medical fee of just £39.95

2. Order as many tests as you like at low low prices.

3. Pay no more - phlebotomy and our Doctor's comment is included.

Phleb + GP comment - is what it is covering - so I would say prob is for each batch of tests. GP comment is ~£30 on their B/H site, and then you have to arrange phleb (£15 at GP, £20-£25 at Spire) - so above is better deal.


Hi Thankyou for your reply, so if I order more tests from you I just pay for the test and if I order them on line will it not charge me the medical fee, sorry I am a bit confused

Thankyou browny


Sorry, Browny - I am just a newbie to this forum, and was just giving you Blue Horizon (B/H) Spire info. As I understand it, you order online from them and can put a discount code in from Thyroid UK - see main site. I guess check out adds on the GP/phleb fee to the tests. I have yet to order from their new site ...




I went today Browny, Spire in Bristol. Booked my tests online yesterday. There is a £20 discount, at the moment. Was very straight forward. i believe the medical fee is for every batch.

Nat x


Thanks for your reply, Best wishes browny


I do believe the medical fee is payable each time you order tests from them. that's how I understand it anyway. still very good value when you consider the cost of private testing .


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