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I did ask if anyone suffered from malabsorption but I think I didn't give enough information as they reply were relating too low levels of vitamins and minerals,I'm having aweful trouble absorbing NDT firstly thyroxine up too 300 now 6 grains of wp and my T3 is..2.6---- range...3.9-6.7.

T4 is...10--- range. -12--22..

Tsh is..<O.O2...range..0.27-4.20

This is after being on 8 grains of wp for 8 months which I have to fund myself,I don't have a thyroid.

I've been fighting the NHS for years since they removed my thyroid 9 years ago ,my endo was letting me have it on the NHS but my Drs stopped it so I'm selling things,I do have severe M.E so don't know what's what..the endo wrote to my dr 18 months ago and every 3 months since saying I need a gastroenterologist appointment but my dr say he should refuse me and it can come out of his budget,as I was having blooms done every 6 weeks and increasing my dose of wp slowly ,when I went to the Drs Friday the receptionist read out a essay to me the dr had wrote about me having too many thyroid tests and if I want them done or the endocrinologist wants them go there which isn't local or pay for them myself,I felt so ashamed and just cry,the whole waiting area heard all about me.so my daughter drove me to a walk in hospitol for the bloods which I had a form for and the lady kindly faxed the result to my Drs and they charged me £4 for it....I've had bowel surgury,my nose rebuilt,and a large hernia repair in the last 8 months and now I have to have my gallbladder out due to large stones and extreamly pain episodes...I do have an appointment with a gastroenterologist Tuesday and I'm terrified he won't help ,I've lost all hope of help,my beautiful daughter has just been diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia and depression and anxiety and I can see her young vibrant life slowly shrinking ,she's so courageous,she was born a boy and is now a stunning young woman,my world,my rock,my daughter!!! My husbands leaf me after 20 years and I don't blame him one bit ,Im a burden,a constant drain ,I'm always so distraught and poorly,a tiny little shadow of the little 5 foot nothing fire cracker nursing in rehabs and nurse for adults with learning difficulties,youth worker and so positive and exciteble..I'm under a mental health team now and they think it's obbseive because I get all my results printing out and keep saying about I'm not even in the range on a huge amount of thyroid medication,somethings wrong,!!! but after all these years of searching and trying and being bed bound I just cry and apologise and beg them to help,it's horrible...I have opened up on here after times ,and I'm sorry it's so long and negative ,but the other groups I'm on ,my daughters also on and I don't want her more scared and lost and desperate than she is with me.......through her transistion she was an alcoholic drinking 3 bottles of sherry aday...the day my amazing husband left ,she stopped drinking and fought for ME..thank you for allowing me the space here to feel heard ,it means everything.xxx

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Sounds like you're having an awful time and your GP and receptionist lack empathy and common courtesy. The GP should have spoken or written to you directly, not asked the receptionist to read aloud to you. You should consider making a written complaint to the practice manager or the senior GP at the practice and perhaps think about finding a more empathetic doctor.

As TSH is 2.6 and FT4 is below range I think it is safe enough to increase dose by 1/2 grain to see whether symptoms improve.

Have you had a coeliac blood screen done? Gluten intolerance (coeliac disease) commonly causes malabsorption. If your GP hasn't ordered a screen I expect the gastroenterologist will.

Has your daughter had her thyroid levels, sex hormones and vitamin D checked? Low/deficient levels may cause musculoskeletal pain and fibromyalgia symptoms.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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For info -- , my other half was on doses up 250mcg Levo and her TSH still wouldn't come down. 250mcg is approaching a 100% replacement dose so in this situation an endo will suspect a non-compliant patient as who isn't taking meds regularly. Not the case here, as I knew she was.

After some digging, there are many reasons for poor absorption. In particular if you have a H Pylori infestation in the gut, even if you don't have an ulcer, it will reduce your stomach acid production and hence reduce absorption. We ended up taking a couple of research papers to the GP and asking for the H-Pylori test. This came back positive, other half went through a course of treatment and hey presto (well over a few weeks) she was down to 175 and feeling an awful lot better.

I realise you're not on Levo, but the principle is the same.

Also - Im new here Hi all :)


Hi Nick73,

Thank you so much for sharing that with me,would you be able to pm me the info on the h-pylori? Lovely to hear you're partner found some hope.x


Bless you for you're reply..Clutter

My tsh was 0.02...0.27-4.20



This is after being on 6 grains of wp for 8 months which I have to buy myself..I don't have a thyroid.x



Your FT3 is below range. Increasing NDT will improve FT4 and FT3 but I think it may be better to add T3 to 6 grains.


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