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Hello everyone...after many years of fighting with Levothyroxine....20 months ago I landed with a GP who prescribes.NDT...wonderful ! still struggling..never seem to quite get there.

Afte 20 months on Armour...after a bit of research I asked doctor...and he let me have ..WP thyroid.

One month on and still struggling. No bad effects from the brand...I don't think there's anything wrong...probably everything right about AP...but something isn't right for me.

I had latterly been on Armour two grains....but knowing away is probably stronger I went ont WP at 1.25 grains. I very quickly felt so under, raised it tow 1.5 week on and l feel so hyper...can't sleep....jittery etc....not a lot hyper but enough to be uncomfortable. So....tomorrow I go back to 1.25 and try again.

Anyone got any experience of all this..? .I'd love to hear from you...

Am I right that WP is ."stronger " ?

Also....I've long suspected HRT sabotages thyroid. After a total hysterectomy 25 years ago , I am on Oestrogrn only low dose patches.37.5 to be precise. Many times I've tried to reduce, bur always with very bad results. Vaginal dryness ...that's one thing..treatable I know with topical hrt but they all make me feel idea why...

And just as bad are my dry eyes....they become unbearable and ache and ache.

So, I feel I must stick with my doesn't in itself worry me, and indeed two excellent consultants have endorsed it for me to stay on for life, with no serious concerns. Yes.... of course I'd prefer not to be on it..... much is this responsible for my not seemingly being able to get my thyroid balanced ?

If any lovely readers have any bright thoughts on all this I'd love to hear from you.

I'm 67 and eat very healthily and spend a lot on carefully chosen supplements.

I can't think of anything else !!!!!

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Excellent that you have a GP who will prescribe NDT.

Can you let us have your blood test results (with ranges), please, then people can comment.

Have your antibodies been tested? Gluten free helps if they are high.

Are the supplements you take based on blood tests?

Do you take anything else which might react with thyroid medication?

You may find this link from Thyroid UK useful, it mentions oestrogen and HRT interactions with thyroid medication.

You could print it out and show it to your GP who may not be aware of all interactions.

Sorry - rather a lot of questions!


Hi Anthea

Thanks for replying...

I don't understand things like the antibodies....haven't had test lately..for about three months...will have one soon.

Gluten free brings an ouch to mind..! Not a route l want to go down. However, if necessary I would. I think I'd only do it if a test proves I need to, as I really am not keen.

No, my supplements are based on what I consider good sense...and within financial limits...which is quite a lot !

Vit b complex 25 mg

Vit c 500

Magnesium citrate

Omega 7 pharmacy nord x2

Vit c 500 mg

High strength omega 3

And a v good multi vit with a little iron..taken well away fro m thyroid and not quite daily...cos then l forget later on !

I eat whole everything I can manage to find.

Thanks so much..will consider all this....



Well...I think I'd have to prove it to myself...gluten test ? As it does not appeal at all !


There is no gluten test. There is a reasonably reliable test for coeliac disease, but we aren't talking about that here. For reasons not understood, people with Hashimoto's often find their antibody count goes down when they go gluten free. I have had it hypothesised that the gluten molecule mimics thyroid, but I suspect it is rather more complex. Nevertheless it seems to work, and that reduces the horrible swings of Hashi's.

My guess is that feeling hyper on WP is a co-incidence, and you are having a hashi's flare, when large amounts of hormone are dumped in the bloodsteam by a dying bit of your thyroid gland. Only blood testing for free T3 would confirm that.

Do you have blood results from when you were on Armour?

As for HRT and its effects, I wonder if the fact that you are on oestrogen only might be part of your problem? It is effectively inducing a state of oestrogen dominance. Maybe try a little 'natural' progesterone cream?

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Hi Jollypolly,

I take oral HRT, but in the evening, about 10 hours from my WP/T3. Perhaps the continual dose affects your absorption, & oral oestrogen would be better than patches?

When I was researching NDT's I'm sure I read somewhere that Armour has a lower dose of active ingredients, 60mcg(?) but is stronger than other NDT's. WP has 68mcg, so if it's weaker, you need 2 grains, possible a little more.



Hi Mel?..thank you for this..will look into hrt ...

As for dosage of different NDT it seems to be a minfield of different outlooks. All I know is I've been feelings no hyper on WP at 1.5 .. !

Best wishes Polly

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If you need 2 grains Armour you will also need 2 grains WP. Both contain 38 mcg T4 and 9 mcg T3.


Thanks...but it is al very confusing...right now I feel there's no way I can take 2 grains of WP. I'm hyper on 1.5.. or at least that's what it feels like 🙄


I was put on hrt years ago for 14 yrs and while on levothyroxine. I was told by my gp I should only have been on it 10 yrs and then taken off it as it can cause problems? I'm surprised you've been told you can stay on it for life? Been off hrt now about 11 yrs. I'm doing ok. I'm on NDT for 5 wks now, after many years of feeling unwell on levothyroxine (34 yrs).


Yes thanks .. am not really worried about HRT in itself .. more the interaction with thyroid

But I'm ruling nothing out and will move forward with action in the new year 😊

Lovely that you are now well

Well done

Good wishes .. Polly


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