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Tight throat/choking or swollen sensation

Hi, I'm new here and searching for answers. I am hypo and am treated by a natural hormone Dr. He has put me on WP Thyroid, 48.75 mg, then reduced it to 32.5 mg. Then we tried time-released T3 only 7.5 mcg twice daily and lastly we tried Levo 25 mcg. These are all low doses, yet every time I begin to take them within 2-3 days my throat swells up and becomes tight and painful. I have a hard time describing the feeling, but each time I again try and take the pills, it happens again, AND it lasts for 3-5 days afterwards. For the first day or 2 that I begin to take any of these pills, I immediately perk up, am not so tired all day and have a better disposition, but sure enough the next day the throat "thing" starts up.

Has anyone else experienced this when taking thyroid meds? I even tried Dr. Wilson's ThyroCare which has no hormones in it and the same thing happens. I'ts like anything I take that stimulates the thyroid makes my throat swell up. I cannot continue to feel this lethargic and fatigued for much longer. I don't know what to do. He has tested my antibodies 3 or 4 times but they come back within range. Should I insist on an ultrasound? Sometimes I feel like if it gets any worse, I soon won't be able to breath. What's happening to me?


age 49

TSH 3.16 (range .40-4.50)

T4, free 0.9 (range 0.8-1.9)

T3, free 2.7 (range 2.3-4.2)

FSH 49.1 (range 3-17.7)

Reverse T3 14 (range 8-25)

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Hi Julie

I had these symptoms continually until I got my medication at the right levels. My ultrasounds showed every time that I had thyroiditis which makes you feel pretty sick.

Levo didn't work for me and since I've been on T3 only these symptoms have eased as long as I keep my FT3 high in range and my TSH is suppressed, ft4 ignored.

It takes time to let the medication become effective 4-6 weeks - and a gradual increase with regular bloods to check when you get to the right level of medication.

I still have swallowing issues as I have other autoimmune diseases I'm receiving treatment for but I can feel a difference as I have no goitre and my throat doesn't hurt like it did, hope this helps Bev x


Bev im hyper but very similar issues, when i went to docs other day he said my antibodies were very high which would indicate hashis or thyroiditis, how does thyroiditis show itself on a ultrasound? Is it inflammed and swollen? Just wondered how diagnosed. Thankyou.x


As far as I know the thyroid is inflamed and enlarged on an ultrasound x

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I too have had these symptons but im hyper with possibility of hashis but my throat and neck was tight and feels like strangulation, also choking on water at one stage,food getting stuck i blamed the meds at first and had a couple of visits to a and e but they said unlikley its carbimazole but 2 weeks later it seemed to die down abit

I think its all part of the condition and i think there are similar symptons wheter you are hypo or hyper. It feels horrible but you are right to be wary with meds andvif you are worried contact docs.xx

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Forgot to say i have breathing problems aswell, doc said possibility of thyroid modules pressing on windpipe, it has eased abit now but doc has requested a thyroid ultrasound

It is not a nice feeling that you cant breath its very scary and ive had many rides in a ambulance but oxygen levels 99% but yes get it checked.


It's worth getting other antibodies i.e. ANA etc also checked. My Endo requested numerous blood tests and was very thorough where I was then referred to a rheumatologist. I've now been diagnosed with lupus and myositis both cause inflammation and dysphagia. So although I've got my levels nearly there with my T3 (that's been a difficult task with so much going on) my goitre has reduced and neck feels and looks better. I still struggle with swallowing due to inflammation and muscle weakness in my neck.

So I think your doctors need to investigate and be thorough as other autoimmune diseases can cause these symptoms


Thankyou i have screen shot this post just to remind me of things i need to ask, its not straightforward at all is it. I see endoc oct 3rd and my doctor requested ultrasound for 3rd nov so i think endoc will do one before november. Did endocrinologist do yoyr scan and how long did you want. Did you have nodules.xx


That was meant to say how long did you wait?


I saw my Endo on a Wednesday got a phone call the next day for an ultrasound and in on the Friday as they were quiet. Just depends on the hospital and waiting list. My first in march 2016 I had to wait six weeks on an urgent request from my gp. My last ultrasound was November 16 and my nodule was 7mm so I'm requesting another at my next appt just to see what size it is. As over 1cm they tend to do a biopsy x


Wow that was quick with endoc. Lets hope that happens with me. Thankyoy for your info.x😊


Think i was just lucky and the department was quiet. I had an MRI in July hit my letter on a Saturday and they booked me in for 8.30 the next day where usually it's a 6-8 week waiting list. Fingers crossed you'll get in quickly. However it don't stop your symptoms only confirm if it's enlarged and that you need meds based on your blood results too x

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It sounds like you might be allergic to something on the capsule itself? Some capsules are made with corn oil you might have a corn allergy perhaps something like that


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