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reboxetine.....i cant take them

i did a search on reboxetine and cortisol and it increases cortisol

i need to call drs but too scared as to what they will say

Mirtazapine decreases cortisl and that was the other med suggested

do i wait until 2 weeks to see dr or call today

1, 35.32 H.....7.45 - 32.56

2, 24.56 H.....2.76 - 11.31

3, 16.83 H.....1.38 - 7.45

4, 8.55 H......0.83 - 3.86

DHEA am, 3.47.....0.25 - 2.22 (sample 1)

DHEA pm 2.62....0.25 - 2.22 (sample 3)

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i called drs and explained to receptionist and she is getting dr to call me back, they must have me on caller id as she knew my name


Have you ever had your high cortisol investigated by a doctor? Does your doctor know you have high cortisol?


my dr has copies of my results and thinks its stress related and not cushings but i see endo thursday so will ask her for test


If your doctor already knows about your high cortisol then there shouldn't be a problem discussing the side effects of your new medication on your cortisol levels. Fingers crossed, and good luck.


my dr is on holiday it was a dr who ive never seen who prescribed them on recommendation of mental health and psychiatrist


Take your cortisol results with you to the appointment. If he pours scorn on the test and says that saliva testing is rubbish, then tell him that NASA uses it to monitor their astronauts.

And even the NHS uses it for monitoring some hormones in the middle of the night.


its in my bag ready, im really hoping this endo is good, i reported the last one twice to PALS, i may just lose it if she refuses


dr called and said my blood cortisol is fine

i told him this was a saliva cortisol test and it wasnt fine they were all high

he didnt want to switch meds but i told him i wasnt going to take a chance on my cortisol getting higher, he was addament i stay on the reboxetine so we had the other to fall back on if needed

i told him i want to try the mirtazapine and use the rebozetine as a back up.....he got annoyed but agreed

he did say i shouldnt look things up on google


Of course he did. Most people dislike it when someone points out they are wrong! And many doctors hate the fact that people can easily check up on them these days.

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Well done Mandy.

Sometimes we need to be assertive you get what we need //want.



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