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Help with 15 year old daughters elevated Anti Thyro Glob

My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with Hashimotos 2 years ago. We are still battling to get all her correct levels. Her Anti Thyro Glob had been slowly decreasing but has now jumped up 70 points from her last reading? Why? How do we get it down as it is still massively out of range? Seeing the Edno tomorrow but want to arrive armed!

Thank you in advance....Kathryn

Testosterone 1.4 (Female Tanner Stage 5 - 0.17- 1.32)

SHBG - 45.4 (24.6-122)

TPO Ab - 22.8 (< 35)

Anti thyro glob AB - 470.9 (<116)

Vit D - 55

HCT - 0.429 (0.33-0.45)

MCHC - 294 (300-350)

Folate - 8.9 (3.9 - >20)

Red Cell Folate - 601 (285 - 1474)

B12 - 424

TSH 0.32

FT4 13.26

FT3 - 4.66

Ferritin - 25 (20-200)

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I expect she's just had a Hashi's attack. That's when the antibodies rise. They fluctuate all the time.

Is she one a gluten-free diet? Is she taking selenium? Her TSH should be nearer zero to stop the attacks. But, in any case, I think she does need an increase in dose, because her FT3 looks a little low - although you haven't put the ranges, so i can't know for certain!

Her vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin are all too low for good thyroid health, and need supplementing.


TSH 0.32 (0.43-4.2)

FT4 13.26 (10.1-17.9)

FT3 - 4.66 (2.8-6.3)

No she is not gluten free but probably should be - my fault!

She takes 100mg of Selenium. She does take B12. Iron we have just started. D3 she takes 2 mega doses twice a month but still struggle to get above 55.

Sorry for omitting the ranges and thank you for your response.


OK, so yes, her FT3 - the most important number - is too low, it should be much higher in range.

She should at least try gluten-free. It doesn't work for everybody, but it might work for her.

Good about the selenium. How much B12 is she taking? Does she take a B complex with it? Does the B complex contain methylfolate?

How much iron is she taking? Does she take vit C with it? What do you mean by mega doses' of vit D3? If it was prescribed by the doctor, it probably wasn't enough. It never is.

Sorry about all the questions, but the details are so important.


She is taking 50000 Vit D twice a month with 500mg of Vit C. Daily she takes 125mg of magnesium, 100 of selenium. 50 my of iron with 500 mg of Vit C, and 2 sprays of B12 methycoblamin by Garden of Life. Other Vits are Bio Health apart from the Vit D. No B complex.

Just got back from Endo and she refuses to increase her dose of Euthyrox beyond 100mcg. And won't entertain T3 as says due to my daughters age she is too young to experiment. We are in Dubai at the moment so can buy anything over the counter. Problem is my daughter is listening to the Endo and already thinks I am doing too much just from 'reading on the Internet!'

Thank you for all your advice


Well, I'm not surprised she's struggling to get her levels of D3 up. that's not enough. She needs more like 20000 a day. But she should be taking vit K2 with it, rather than vit C.

125 mg isn't much, either. The RDA for her age is 360 mg, and that's without a deficiency.

How much methylcobalamin does she get from two sprays? I don't know that one. But she should be taking a B complex with it because the Bs all work together, and need to be kept balanced. What are the 'other vits'?

Fair enough if her doctor doesn't want to 'experiment' with T3, I'm not sure she actually needs it at this point, because she seems to be converting ok. Trouble is, she hasn't got enough to convert. She does need an increase in levo. Her FT3 isn't even mid-range. And if she still has symptoms, then it's obviously not high enough for her. That is so blindingly obvious, I don't know why someone who has done x number of years in med school, can't see it.


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