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My 8 year old daughters eyebrows are thinning

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Hi all

I have a question about my daughter who is 8 years old. A while a go I noticed my daughters eyebrows seemed thin at the outside edge. I thought this might just be the way hers grew, but just recently they seemed to have gotten much more sparse. She seems fine in her self may be a bit more tired after activities like swimming but still bouncing around in fact she finds it difficult to get to sleep at night.

I am hypothyroid and really can't stand the thought of her having this awful illness, the way we are treated by the NHS is truly awful.

Do you think I should should be tested for a thyroid problem?


6 Replies
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Sorry meant should I get her tested for a thyroid problem, obviously I have already been tested!

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I realised you meant your daughter and it would do no harm to have her tested although your GP (like mine accused me of putting ideas into her head although it was for other than thyroid - I was right - no tests were done but my daughter is now disabled. It is now thought that she had it from childhood) maybe reluctant. If so you can have a private test.

Get a print-out of her tests with the ranges and post for members to comment on them.

I hope she isn't, mind you, but it is far better to exclude or see a paediatrician.

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I think you should.i have eyebrow hair loss (outer edge)and a dr told me its not thyroid .I totally agree with you about the NHS.years ago a dr would make a diagnosis from symptoms .not so now in my experience they only consider bloods which aren't always reliable and dismiss symptoms.have been disputing fro 3 years cos sympotms not diagnosed and my condition being mistaken for I have armpit hair loss too and my head hair is lank.

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Yes you should have her tested to rule out hypothyroidism. Keep a note of results and ranges if GP agrees to test and perhaps a diary of weight and symptoms with photographs too.

I hope its not hypothyroidism, but you are right to trust your instincts.

Yes certainly do get her tested - just because she's bouncing around and has energy doesn't rule it out. I wasn't diagnosed till around age 7 1/2 but my thyroid packed in a long time before that. Of course the drs didn't pick up on it despite my massive goitre and persistent cough however I was full of energy doing gymnastics 3-4 times a week school etc. never complained of tiredness and didn't gain weight.

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One other advantage of having her tested now is that you will have a baseline measurement to compare any future tests with even if, for the present, her results are normal. So I would say go ahead.

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