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Help with why are my 15 year old daughters Anti Thyro Glob have increased

My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with Hashimotos 2 years ago. We are still battling to get all her correct levels. Her Anti Thyro Glob had been slowly decreasing but has now jumped up 70 points from her last reading? Why? How do we get it down as it is still massively out of range? Seeing the Edno tomorrow but want to arrive armed!

Thank you in advance....Kathryn

Testosterone 1.4 (Female Tanner Stage 5 - 0.17- 1.32)

SHBG - 45.4 (24.6-122)

TPO Ab - 22.8 (< 35)

Anti thyro glob AB - 470.9 (<116)

Vit D - 55

HCT - 0.429 (0.33-0.45)

MCHC - 294 (300-350)

Folate - 8.9 (3.9 - >20)

Red Cell Folate - 601 (285 - 1474)

B12 - 424 (156-698)

TSH 0.32 (0.43-4.2)

FT4 13.26 (10.1-17.9)

FT3 - 4.66 (2.8-6.3)

Ferritin - 25 (20-200)

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If your daughter is still medicating Eltroxin, her T4 & T3 are both under half way through range indicating she is under medicated.

Most would function better with these in the top third of range, even if at the expense of TSH going lower. However, doctors tend to prescribe re the TSH level so often even a much needed dose raise is hard to negate.. Being optimally medicated would help suppress future Hashi attacks so reduce thyroid antibodies but these are variable anyway as influenced by a great many things. Is your daughter gluten free ? ? .

Optimal nutrients and iron are important and supplementing 100-200mcg selenium is known to aid good thyroid hormone synthesis. Vit D, Vit B12, Folate and ferritin are all too low.

Vit D in particular helps to modulate the immune system so reducing inflammation in the body. Members supplement D3 with K2 that improves calcium uptake and direction to the bones. Vit B12 can be supplemented as Methylcobalamin which is a highly bioavailable form of vitamin B12 so easier to utilise.

Folate can be supplemented as Methylfolate in preference to folic acid. You will also need to add a B complex to balance all B vits. I don't supplement iron but members will advise if you post a new question.

Given your daughters health problems, it may be prudent to look into MTHFR issues. This is a defective gene common in Hashi sufferers, that influence how we produce certain enzymes, metabolise folate and produce hormones involved in the growth and maintenance of our cells, etc. I wouldn't mention MTHFR to the endo at this stage though.

Good luck at your daughters appointment.


Vit D






I was diagnosed approx 3 months ago hashimoto and I am already gluten free because I am celiac. For 15 years. My doctor sent me for iron iv. B12 shots and 13000iu d3 a day. All for 2 months prior to giving me thyroid meds. From my understanding you need to be optimal in these or you won't assimilate the thyroid. I also am very low testosterone and a few other issues in my blood that point towards a pituitary problem. Waiting for am mrI. Your daughter really needs to raise up her blood levels of many of these nutrients. I received 6 weeks of iron iv even though I was at 18 ( better then my norm) specifically for the thyroid.


Hi Kathryn,

My heart goes out to you and your daughter, so many struggles from such a young age :( My daughter was diagnosed with Hashimoto's at a similar age, although health problems started many years before and doctors had no answers. We found the only way to completely suppress her tsh and thus stop the autoimmune flare-ups was to use t3 only. T4 and NDT therapies still allowed attacks on her thyroid. We are in Australia and getting t3 prescribed was a task in itself but we persisted and the doctors eventually gave in due to my daughters thyroid hormone conversion issues - she could not properly convert t4 to t3. This may be the path you need to follow too. Good luck at the endo visit and hugs to you both. Jenny


ive never heard of suppressed tsh stopping or reducing antibodies, do you have any links to any reading matter as this is something I would be very interested in learning more about, thank you

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Having read/researched so many articles over the years looking for answers that the doctors could not provide I don't have just one link, however most of my really good information comes from rt3-adrenals.org. My daughter is also very strict with her diet, gluten and diary free, wholefoods only and paleo/ketogenic. Good luck and take care:)



I have had Hashimotos for 45 yrs and have been on Thyroid medication for all of that time, my TSH levels are always up & down, rarely is it ever on a good level, I just have to keep adjusting me medication ( on Dr's advice) it settles and then may go up & down again. Sorry I cannot give you any advice, just stick with your Doctor. My son is 43 and he has Hashimoto too, found out about 2 yrs ago and so far is not on meds. I am a very nervous, tense person and my weight is affected by this and I need to lose weight. I also have IBS..( irritable bowel syndrome) so does my son, I think they are all tyed in together........ Good luck.


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Your daughter's ferritin levels (=iron stores) are almost at the bottom of the range. She would probably feel a bit better if she took an iron supplement eg Ferrous Fumarate 210mg once a day, twice if she can tolerate it. Two of my daughters ended up anaemic in their teens, party because low iron tends to give heavier periods, which in turn makes iron levels even lower, so it's a vicious circle. Exhaustion and low tolerance to exercise follows pretty quickly. It is said that low ferritin stops people from being able to utilise their thyroxine properly too.

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Needs iron, vitamin D! Folate and B12 could also be augmented. Low vitamin D (although within range!) affects autoimmunity. You also need more B12, Folate and Magnesium if autoimmune.

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