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My First Post - GUIDANCE desperately needed please... 34yrs Female, Seeking interpretation of blood test results. How do i get a diagnosis?

hi, i would greatly appreciate any insight & guidance into reading my blood results. (due to the absolute confusion that is my previously diagnosed medical health history!.. i thought if i list my recent yrs results for interpretation it might be best as a previous diagnosis of Polycythemia Rubra Vera was dismissed after i moved location & the new hosp refused to see me based on my then RBC blood test result being okay)

. Since then I've only seen GP for pain relief medications.

bloods JULY 2013 FEB 2014 FEB 2016 ref (range)

GFR cal abb MDRD 90ml/min 90ml/min 79ml/min N/A

C REACTIVE protein 0.4mg/L 0.3mg/L 3.7mg/L N/A

ESR RATE 2mm/hour 2mm/hour N/A

HAEMOGLOBIN EST 139 138 155 120-150g/L)

MCHC 343 325 350 (315-345g/L)

MCH 32.7 31.1 31.7 (27-32 pg)

MCV 95.3 95.5 90.5 (83-105 fl)

TOTAL WHITE CELL 8.27 8.3 9.19 (4-11 x10*9/L)

PLATELET 266 297 325 (150-400 x10*9/L)

HAEMATOCRIT 0.41 0.42 0.46 (0.3-0.46 L/L)

RBC 4.25 4.44 4.92 (3.8-4.8 x10*12/L)

PLASMA FSH 9.6 28.7 68.6 (1-30 IU/L)

OESTRADIOL 169 (77-2400 pmol/L)

PROLACTIN 165 (110-560 mU/L)

PLASMA GLUCOSE 5.5 3.9 6.1 (3 - 5.5 mmo/L)


PLASMA CREATININE 64 65 73 (49-90 umol/L)

PLASMA TSH 0.97 1.29 1.31 (0.3-4.2 mU/L)

I have been fluctuating between moderate to severe pain since i was a child. I used to have a great GP & haemo consultant until i moved area & I've literally just spent the last few years at home, knackered and in pain since. I'm at place now where I feel I don't really 'live' - i'm just alive. Please know I am far from depressed, just absolutely frustrated and oh so tired of being so absolutely tired! The having to & the 'how to' deal with constant PAIN is the primary focus of my every day. I'm also significantly sight impaired so majority of tasks arent simple for me!. My mum passed away young with bone cancer, 2 of my 3 brothers passed away @ 12 & 27yrs & my remaining sibling is terminally ill @ just 34yrs, he suffers due to heart & lung failure. I WANT TO ENJOY A GOOD LIFE! - but i need to be able to move further than the walls of my home to do this. Surely it starts with reduction of pains, but HOW TO FIND OUT WHATS WRONG?... Family gp is useless - i'd been presenting every few weeks with my significant symptoms & concerns for an early menopause since 2013, with abrupt and total period cessation in 2015, still i was dismissed & an offer of anti-depressants the only response. Until apr this year when i saved the money to see a private fertility clinic which informed me i'd actually ALREADY undergone complete primary ovarian failure. (can you believe, even after all of this... today, i phoned the gp with concerns for my pains & she asked 'could you be pregnant?!'... i have honestly never felt so angry...)

I am trully grateful for any input, advice or suggestions Please,

with thanks for your time & kind wishes to all readers


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Just one look at your MCV level being high end says to me your low in stomach acid, the consequence of that alone is poor immune system in the gut, IE low bacteria to control the pathogens, plus low stomach acid equals poor digestion. On top of that there's poor nutrient absorption I'd bet your B12 is very low (pain n eyes) low zinc too. In fact your body requires it to absorb n use many nutrients. Ideally you need to get your MCV down to 85ish, as for diet eat plenty of vegetables for gut health plus add in a good probiotic and Betaine HCL (stomach acid) supplement.

Or you can try and get those things checked out first, plus add in a very good multivitamin, don't buy cheap ones I've never found a cheap one any good.

Hope that helps you...


I've never found an expensive one any good!

Multivits are a waste of money. They don't contain enough of anything to treat a true deficiency. Plus there are all sorts of other problems with them which mean that you do not absorb very much at all - and even less if you have low stomach acid.

Dexie, I wouldn't bother with a multivit, if I were you. Get your vit d, vit B12, folate, ferritin, zinc, etc tested. You doctor could do that, if he's willing. Post the results on here, with the ranges, and people will be able to advise you on your nutritional status. :)

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I have found benefits from more expensive ones, it just depends on the delivery system the product uses too, and also the reputation of them, just because you haven't found one yet doesn't mean their not out there.... But there are some exceptions to that rule, if you have a methylation problem then they might not be effective until you use the methyl forms of B12-9

My experience went from needing 9-10hrs sleep down to about 5-6 to me that's proof

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If you have a B 12 deficiency, you need to take B12. There's not enough B12 in a multivit. Plus there are things you don't need, like calcium and iodine. Plus if they put calcium and iron, you don't get any iron because they cancel each other out. I could go on, but I won't. It's far, far more beneficial to get individual nutrients tested and supplemented individually.

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Ok most people with hypothyroidism need to take a good quality multivitamin with good absorption, cheap ones on the high street are 3-5% absorbable at most, that's even if the ingredients are in there, as a study done a few yrs ago revealed 26% didn't have any in. There's a difference in that absorption and a 98% absorption. The reason they need a good multi is generally their calorie intake is 25-30% below normal just to maintain their weight. And not gain weight.

But as you mentioned if your really deficient, there's not enough in a multi to build it up.

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And if you're not deficient, you don't need to waste your money on a multi-vit, anyway! There's just no point.

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But in addition you are correct on absorption issues with low stomach acid, something I suspect with low B12 and a high MCV count even in range

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Wow this is the first time I have heard of the relevance of MCV. I have just looked at my last test and my MCV is at the top end of the range :( Its probably due to Coeliac which is hopefully starting to heal :)

Thank you for this gem of information


You need to have blood tests of your vitamin B12 and ferritin level.

As your doctor isn't interested in helping you, you will have to this privately. You need to do this BEFORE you take any form of supplements.

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Bluebug is right get your B12, feritin and Folate tested. You also need folate to get the B12 to work.

You might think of posting your blood results in the PAS Society forum, and B12 if you get them, they are very good at advising on B12.

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Oh and throw in a vitamin D test while you are checking your vitamin B12, ferritin and folate. If you are basically housebound due to being in pain this level will probably be low as well and low levels lead to increased pain.

You want a vitamin D level of 100nmol/L for it to be optimal, a folate level half or more in the range to be optimal and a ferritin level over 70 in the range. The NHS will not offer you supplements if you are any where within range so you need to buy your own.

You may be able to convince your GP to do the vitamin D test by pointing out that you are housebound so fall into the NHS England guidelines of someone who should be tested and low levels of vitamin D cause muscle, joint and/or bone pain but they won't do the other tests.

Blue Horizon do comprehensive tests so if you do a web search for them you can decide whether to have a finger prick test which is cheaper, or a more comprehensive one.

Both vitamin B12 and folate deficiencies cause the size of red blood cells to change like iron.

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Blue Horizon is one of the recommended labs of TUK who get a small commission to enable it to run their premises, being a charity whose site this is. Members who use any of the labs also get a small discount when the quote the TUK code. :)

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If you do get a private test, have a recommended list and if you quote their TUK Code you get a small discount. is a small charity struggling like many for finances to run their website.

Blue Horizon is one of them. This is a link:-

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With thanks for this, much appreciated. I will definitely use this Lab to get the tests done other members have recommended.

with thanks again,

Dex :)


I have no medical qualifications but your TSH is in range so doctors wont investigate further any other thyroid hormones.

If I were you I'd get one of the recommended labs to test your Free T4 and Free T3. T4 is inactive and converts to T3. T3 is the active hormone required in all of our receptor cells and we have billions. If it is low in range it might be the cause of physical joint/muscle pain.

I will give you a link by a Scientist and doctor (now deceased and he might well have diagnosed you as having fibromyalgia. Doctors nowadays classify this as unconnected to thyroid hormones but not Dr Lowe. It is caused by a patient being 'thyroid hormone resistant' i.e. T3 is unable to get into our cells.

Go to date November 5, 2000 on this link

There is also something called 'myofacial pain' and this is the link:

Myofacial pain means:

Myofascial pain is a chronic, painful condition that affects the fascia (connective tissue that covers the muscles). Myofascial pain syndrome might involve either a single muscle or a muscle group.




Welcome to our forum and sorry hear you are not feeling well.

Your TSH is within range but it is still possible to be symptomatic. It would give a clearer picture of your thyroid function to have thyroid hormones T4 & T3 tested. Many GP's will//can not perform these tests so members use private labs - link below.

Your glucose result is high.

FSH is high & estradiol low, indicating menopause. If you are young you may need some sort of hormone replacement.

Nutrient deficiencies are common. Ask your GP to test Vit B12, folate, ferritin, Vit D and post results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to comment.

Have you been investigated for aenemia ?


Private labs testing

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So sorry to hear of your family history.

There is a lot of research that links vitamin D deficiency to pain so definitely take the advice of the others and get tested. B12 is a must too.

I too have daily pain and discovered I was deficient in D and B12 and I have to say I'm moving better a month in on supplements.

Re gut issues, I'm just reading this book. It's very informative.

The Immune System Recovery Plan by Susan Blum M.D.,M.P.H

Try cutting gluton and see if your general health improves.

Good luck, keep us posted.

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I'm sorry that you are going through this you sound totally fed up and I'm not surprised at all. I can't help you I'm afraid but I just wanted you to know that we are all here for you. Big hugs x

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Hi to all :) to start, i'd like to say how thankful i am to have discovered this site & the opportunity to discuss & learn from others.

Really appreciative for all of your responses & i'll certainly pursue all suggestions for further blood tests.

I have had a read up on pernicious anemia and shall re-post my blood results there too for interpretation. Although not connected to my genetic cataract condition, since 2015 i've also lost peripheral vision & developed Tritanopia, which although my gp seems non concerned with... i'm reading repeatedly they are neuro symptoms not to be ignored?!

**So 'plan of action' - - - I shall get my own blood works - - - - persist with g.p for referrals - - - - pop into this wonderful website for continuous learning :) - - - - wait to feel better - - - BE BETTER :)

...finish my degree (when brain works) all the places i know so well from my endless documentary viewing (when body works) ...enjoy loads of life (ASAP!) :D

ohhhh i've so many plans ;) ;) haha...

thanks again great people & best wishes for a good day xx

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How are you doing? Did you get your bloods done.x