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My Dr thinks I'm overdosing on T3

Please would someone advise me on these blood test results;-

TSH 0.01 ( 0.55-4.8)

free T4 10 (9.0-23.0)

freeT3 4.1 (3.5-6.5)

Folate 23.9 >3.4

Ferritin 146 (20.0-291.0)

B12 541 (211.0-911.0)

Vit D 62 (>51.0)

I take 2 and1/2grains NDT + 50mg T3

I still feel I'm trudging through mud and can't think strait. I also get pins and needles in my feet, legs hands and arms also my face sometimes.

My Dr thinks I'm on too much T3 but I wonder if it could be B12 or adrenals that are stopping me feeling better.

I would be grateful for advise please

Thank you

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Your B12 and vitamin D levels are too low.


You want a B12 level at the top of the range so supplement with methylacobalmin - use a brand like Jarrows or Solgar logenzes which you can buy of Amazon.

You want a vitamin D level at 100nmol/L so take 5,000IU for 2 months then go down to 2,500IU a day (one 5,000IU tablet every other day) then get tested in October. You can buy vitamin D3 supplements at that level from from Amazon, an online pharmacy or an independent pharmacy. Boots, Holland and Barrett etc don't sell vitamin D supplements with that concentration of vitamin D3 in them. You are advised to take vitamin K2 and magnesium citrate with them to ensure the vitamin D3 is directed to your bones.

Some people feel dreadful with low but in range levels of vitamin B12 and vitamin D. The labs where I am state that you only have enough vitamin D if your level is over 75nmol/L.


Thank you so much for these instructions bluebug.

I have just ordered a home blood test kit to see just how low my B12 levels really are.

I thought that if I'mactually only getting a low dose at the cellular level, maybe I could show the Dr and he would give injections.

What do you think?


I wouldn't bother.

My main reason for saying this is there was evidence about lots of people in the UK being deficient in vitamin D but the vast majority of doctors did nothing until there was a high profile court case and the medical profession was criticised.

Even now you find GPs who think it people being deficient in it is just the latest fad and will do everything possible to try not to test people.

There is also arguments over what level is adequate. In London where I am the level is higher than in lots of other locations and most GPs are only concerned with the lab range. This is because as long as you are within the lab range they can't be sued or disciplined if you are later found to have a more serious disease.

Finally if you ever want to discuss nutrition with a GP always find out their background or interests first. Those with interests in nutrition or sports science are more amenable to discussing this stuff with. The rest will just presume you are an over concerned patient at best and a crank at worst.


Forgot to ask what strength K2and magnesium should I take with the D.

Thank you


K2 and magnesium citrate take the dose on the supplements you buy.


Sorry to be a nuisance bluebug but not being able to think strait I needed confirmation on the strength not the dose. I see on amazon that there are different ones . ie. 100mgor 200 mg K2 and magnesium. Or even higher.

Thank you


I've read for every 10,000IU of vitamin D3 you apparently need 100mg of K2. If you eat fermented foods e.g. sauerkraut, kimachi then you don't need as much or any at all. Other foods e.g. cheese, meat contain very small amounts. Butter contains none.

Magnesium citrate is something like 400mg. You can take more e.g. by bathing in Epsom salts, using magnesium oil but if you take too much for your body you will end up with diarrhoea.

The figures are not precise as it's not been studied properly. The only study I've seen about K2 is with men with prostate cancer and they took 45mg.


Thank you so much bluebug for taking the trouble to reply. Much appreciated.


Your doctor is wrong. If you were on too much T3 your FT3 result would be over the top of its range. If anything, you may be slightly undermedicated.

He's a low TSH scaredy-cat. But most people on T3 medications have suppressed TSH.


Personally I think your T3 could be higher but as your vitamin B12 and vitamin D aren't optimal I would hesitate to play around with the dosage.

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Thank you both. Would supplementing with those vitamins a way to go?


Most people feel much better once their vitamin and mineral levels are up to optimal levels.


Why? Your Free t3 is still quite low (esp for someone on T3). He must be one of those clueless ones who tries to treat by TSH. Your B12 and folate are pretty low (and low B12 gives those symptoms), and D3 could also do with coming up to about 100. I'd supplement with a B vitamin for the folate and and Jarrows sublingual methylcobalmin 5000iu for a few months then drop to 1000iu, plus 2000iu D3 until you get to around 100 (or get in some serious sunbathing)


Thank you. Angel of the north.


As your TSH is low I suspect that your T4 from the NDT is converting to ReverseT3 and blocking out the T3 that you are taking. You could be better off just taking the T3 and dropping out the NDT altogether. It will take some time for all the Reverse T3 to clear out of your system, say about 6 to 8 weeks, but after that you should be able to adjust your T3 levels to find out what is right for you. My TSH is zero because of pituitary damage and I now take T3 only which has improved my life massively. When you take T3, blood tests are not very reliable as it depends when the last dose was taken and how active you have been since then. I do not have any T4 in my body and I am physically quite fit now, playing tennis 3 times a week and walking miles on a regular basis.



I'm so happy for you Heather. It must be wonderful to be able to do all that after what sounds like a bad time for you.

Thanks for the advice. that makes sense.


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