Am Starting On T3 Tomorrow

On My Birthday!

Had my Endo visit yesterday .....a tiring afternoon as the clinic was a very busy one with double bookings and I had a two hour wait!!

However.......Good News, My Endo asked if I would like to try some T3?

I had to go back to the hospital this morning as by the time I came out last night both the pharmacy and reception for booking next appointment were closed.

So I'm now reducing my 100 mcgs Levo to 75 mcgs + 10mcgs T3.Liothyronine.

I am so hoping this might help to get me back to feeling good.

Only time will tell.

I will continue taking Levo before going to sleep and T3 first thing in the morning.

Shall also continue on B12, folate and Vit D.I learned from my Endo that Vitamin D should be taken with a meal containing fat as it is fat soluble.....If meal has no fat then take it with some buttered toast.

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  • Wow, that is interesting about Vit D. Your endo sounds very on the ball. Good luck with your T3 and happy birthday fir tomorrow :-)

  • Thank you for the note about VitD.

    Hope you have a Very Happy Birthday!

  • marfit, a T3 kicker seems to help a great many when they get enough so hopefully you will also benefit. And Happy Birthday. PR

  • Thank you for all your replies and also for my Birthday wishes.I'm really happy to be trying T3 to see if it helps me ,especially the muscle aches.I'll let you all know how I get on later.This was offered as a result of low TFT3 test.

    Regarding the Vitamin D I think I'll have to forgo the buttered toast .....I could easily get hooked.....but Endo's quite happy about might put a little on my Veggies.

  • I have it in a little milk (not the good stuff skimmed off and paint added sort lol!) - brilliant present! Happy Birthday for tomorrow :D

  • Thanks spareribs......with all these good wishes I feel like the Birthday has already started X

  • Good, you deserve it! Hope you're spoiled rotten!

    PS I tried half a tab of T3 last weekend - wow! (I got a little hyper but was not the bad hyper I've experienced before, more like a kick start, I just need to adjust to it without work mates noticing! - just saying in case it helps x)

  • Sounds good to me! Trouble though in retirement is I can't remember the last time I got hyper !!!

    May be it will be a new beginning !!! X

  • Hi Marfit

    Just to say you can get Vit d3 in soft gel capsules which contain olive oil. I noticed my son takes them, thought I would try them when my tablet ones run out as I thought they would be easy to absorb, maybe its the olive oil that helps them to absorb into the body better.

    He gets his from but just looked amazon do some similar plus Thyroiduk get a donation.

    Although buttered toast sounds better, but not good for the waistline or my cholesterol.

    Happy birthday!

  • That's useful information wightmouse....I might try them.

    Thanks for Birthday wishesX

  • Sorry mouse couldn't resist -

    "foods that provide this vitamin (D)-- all of which are animal foods -- tend to be high in cholesterol.

    Since cholesterol is a precursor to vitamin D, inhibiting the synthesis of cholesterol will also inhibit the synthesis of vitamin D"

    I suppose I see bread with the horror others see butter! lol! J :D x

  • You haven't heard it all yet ..Endo said Yes....Butter is can have doughnuts as well if you like!!!!!

    Well ,I thought I'd ignore that bit, but on second thoughts I could have one tomorrow with a candle on it!!

  • Happy Birthday Marfit,sounds like it's the start of your new life.xx

  • Thanks Beaton's a lovely thought and it would be the best present I could wish for. X

  • Happy birthday and good luck with t3 ..will be very interested to read your progress reports

  • Thank you so much Lola ....this is a lovely Birthday with all these messages and I have taken the first 1/2 tablet .Endo reckons should see results inside a will report how I get on with it X

  • Happy birthday! Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life, hope it makes a difference ( you may need to increase T3 though)

  • Thank You Aurealis....... You are all giving me a such a good feeling even before I take my first tablet!! Yes I have wondered how long it might be before I needed to increase the T3 ,hoping of course that I get on well with it.I don't see my Endo now for 4 months.

    I asked about the supplying of it and was surprised that there didn't seem to be any problems.He has given me my first 28 days prescription and then told me to enquire at my own pharmacy, but if there are any problems, to get my supply from the hospital pharmacy.I felt fortunate as I was concerned.

    If the T3 was increased would that mean cutting the Levo further or staying the same ?

    I have much to learn,one step at a time,but this is where everyone here is so supportive.We are very lucky aren't we.? Keep well and Best Wishes.

  • Lets hope the T3 is the final part to this awful thyroid puzzle! Have a magical day tomorrow...D x

  • Thank you so much..It's just what we want for everyone isn't it?

    Let's hope we can all make some progress this year.X

  • That would be lovely for sure, I keep starting out ever hopeful as each new year begins!! Keep us posted how you get on...x

  • Yes...I definitely will X


  • Thank you .....this is all a lovely start to a Birthday .....I think we should all do it .X

  • Many Happy Returns, Marfit.

    Make sure any energy from T3 is spent on enjoying yourself x

  • Thanks Clutter I certainly will.

    You have a good day too X

  • is this the endo we were chatting about ? the one at Basildon and spire...

  • Yes .....the one that has given me the chance to see if T3 can work for me

    Took my first 1/2 tablet this morning with no ill effects,though obviously will take a bit longer to know how much it will help.

    I have also confirmed from the pharmacist in Boots that I can get my T3 prescription there with just a day or two's notice.They have a few people they get it for .I hope all goes well for your appointment.....I 'll be pleased to hear how you get on.

  • Is he nice guy who actually listens ?

  • Happy Birthday marfit - hope it's going well. Good luck with your T3 - M x

  • Thank you Marz ...I do hope this will be the way forward for me.

    I tried to download about your holiday information, however,something came up about Flash Player I was stumped.I work from my I Player .Did you receive our E mail address?

  • He is the one that I also had recommended from the lady you spoke of that you were in contact with.

    He is very highly regarded and knowledgeable on thyroid matters and in great demand.

    He will ask a lot of questions and make notes and then make recommendations regarding your treatment.I have seen him three times now ( NHS at Basildon).

    I have made notes to take with me and also gave him a written account of my Thyroid history. I am confident he will help you .

    My visit last Monday was a bit unfortunate as he had not had any clinics the previous week and consequently that afternoon he was on overload ......36 patients instead of a normal 15-20.However,I shouldn't think you would have that experience at Spire.

    I am delighted to now be on T3 and hoping this is my way forward.

  • Happy Birthday Marfit, and what a present - to get some T3 to try. I have just posted about getting only T3 tested on a blood form. So things are looking up for T3 at last. Janet.

  • Thanks j has been an enjoyable day...decided to relax as didn't want to go far on the 1st day of T3 as wasn't sure how I'd be ...but all is well and we are having Lunch with friends on Friday for whom it has also been a Birthday week.I have read your post and am sorry to hear of your virus and hope you are feeling better now.

    I do hope you get your T3 test done.

    My Endo ordered it twice before we were successful.( TFT3) The result of that proved that T3 might be beneficial to me.

    You have to keep asking, if it is important for your diagnosis and treatment and Yes I also get the feeling that more people are getting it done now.

    Let's hope so.Good Luck . Margaret.

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