Private GP or functional medicine doctor? Anyone have experience?

I recently saw my GP about a private blood test I had done which showed:

v. high Anti-Thyroglobulin antibodies

v. low Ferritin

high RT3

TSH 2.6 (but it was 4.85 a few months ago).

I am on 100mcg a day of levothyroxine. She has prescribed iron (400mcg a day) and although she is going to run the test results by the endocrinologists, she said she can only work within NHS guidelines, so T3/combination, NDT, or a raise in.

She actually said that if I wanted to go to a private GP they might be able to do more.

My question is if I decide to pay to see a specialist do I actually go to a private GP with an interest/specialism in thyroid problems or do I see a functional medicine doctor with the same interest?

Presumably because functional medicine is not recognised by NHS they cannot prescribe...? I would be nervous about buying anything like T3 or NDT over the internet without a prescription.

I like the approach of functional medicine because I would like a more whole body look at my health, but are there any advantages to seeing a qualified GP over an integrative or functional doctor?

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  • I don't think there are many functional medicine doctors in the UK, but many are GPs so could prescribe.

  • I've found a functional medicine doctor in Bristol but there are also people like Dr Myhill and those on the list from Thyroid UK are all private GPs

  • I'm in bristol too! Could you give details of this functional medicine doctor that you see and can they prescribe NDT?? Thanks! :)

  • I'll try and look it up again & send it to you, I havent been to anyone yet and have not found out if they can prescribe NDT.

  • Great, thanks!

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