I have started taking various vitamins and minerals following the advice of the wonderful people on here !

So I am now taking Solgar vit B complex, 1000ug b12, dry vit E 400IU, ferrograd C tablets with dried ferrous sulphate 325mg equivalent to 105mg elemental iron and vit c as sodium ascorbate 500mg, Holland and Barrett selenium 200ug and zinc 15mg with copper. Higher nature vit c 1000mg. Think that's the lot. And 100 Levo. I have also reversed the increase that my dr was trying if hrt back down to my previous dose. I think overall ( and I am touching wood when I say this ) I am feeling a little better with more energy and fewer aches and pains. I am seeing my GP on Thursday to ask for a slight increase in Levo but I don't expect to get anywhere with that although I will give it my best shot.

The thing that is causing me constant problems, and has done for several months now, is terrible dizziness. Even an eye movement makes my head swim. The feeling is there all the time though. I feel unsteady on my feet walking although sometimes I think it may be better if I am driving-- until I flick my eyes to look in the mirror. I also have tinnitus a lot of the time and a feeling of pressure, sometimes pain in my ears which can feel full. Any suggestions as to what I can do to sort it? Is it BPV, Meniere's or yet another Hashimoto's thing !

Help ! Really getting me down and making it quite hard to function yet alone go for a walk for enjoyment which I really like to do.

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  • As you have Hashimoto's have you considered trying going gluten free?

    Gluten ataxia can cause dizziness.

  • Yes I am trying to go gluten free but not doing very well! I don't eat much bread so that isn't a problem really and I have bought gluten free now. I am eating wearabix for breakfast, just to use up the box, but only have it on my days off. Other days on my way to work I buy a Bircher muesli from cafe Nero! Breakfast is a bit tricky really. What can you have ? Fruit ? Porridge and honey is out I assume?

  • Ali,

    Banana pancake made with gluten free flour, fruit & yogurt topped with nuts & seeds. I often eat last nights dinner left overs so may have spaghetti bolognaise with buckwheat noodles.... lol ... (curry is a bit difficult sometimes .. ;o))))) .... ) .. or ham//cheese salad ? ? ...

    You can buy g/f porridge oats but too many grains aren't recommended for Hashi sufferers.

    Be open minded ... you do not have to eat cereal for breakfast ...

  • Ok on days off. I can take the time to make lots of things. But on the days I am going to work, getting up is a struggle and there is no way I could get up earlier to cook anything. That's why I buy coffee and muesli on my way into work.

  • You can not be "almost" gluten free. Has to be total to see if it works.

    Oats (in moderation) are usually ok - but they need to be certified gluten free - ie processed in gf mill. I make my own oat based museli, lots of added pumpkin, linseed and sesame seeds, figs, apricots, dates, walnut & basil nuts.

    Watch out for hidden gluten - eg malt vinegar, (ketchup, pickle etc) soy sauce, beer

    Coeliac society have excellent huge electronic database of OK foods. (Members only - £24 yr.) very useful app for phone when out shopping, saves reading small print on labels.

    I have personally been astonished at my own improvement going gluten free. Pity it took 23 years of hell first.

  • Someone after my own heart.

    Porridge oats( only a few minutes in the microwave ) with a feast on top that will last you until lunchtime.Any additions like Flaxseed,pumpkin seeds,figs,prunes,Stewed apple pulp,the choice is endless and so easy to add. We prepare a bowl of stewed Bramley Apples which we keep in the fridge and just add a spoonful each day. .......a yummy breakfast and oats are recommended by the British Heart Foundation too.

  • Yes I realise there is no half way house with gluten. It is all or nothing. I have only just started trying but will persevere and try and get better -- especially as you say it helped you. I certainly cannot live for 23 years feeling like this

  • Eat Natural do a nice gluten free muesli, the buckwheat one. I dont buy the other one (vine fruits, i think its called) as it has oats in. I also mix other stuff into it.

  • Which muesli are you talking about ? If it is a specific recipe or one you buy please let me know and point me in the right direction. I would very much like to know about it. Thanks silver fairy

  • eatnatural.co.uk/cereals

    Ive seen the brand in Tesco's, Sainsbury and Waitrose. I add dried cranberries to the mix too.

  • Thanks -- really good tip. I will get some. Will help with my attempt to go gluten free. Have chopped out most -- but still need to chop out a bit more. Help very much appreciated.

  • Late reply .. I am totally g free and have just developed dizziness as described.. so there must be other possible causes. Maybe dropping the thyroid dose down, or iron levels dropping?

  • Hi aspmama thanks for your reply. I have stopped all my supplements and for the last 3 days have felt a bit better. Think I'll wait until after my rheumatologist appointment on the 22nd before deciding whether to start any again and build up slowly. Such a lot of trial and error. I am still light headed and have lots of aches and pains but not as bad as they were a week ago.

  • Did you have a B12 level before you started supplements ?


  • The OP posted these levels 10 days ago:


    CRP 0.90 <5.0 mg/L

    Ferritin 34.1 20 - 150 ug/L

    Thyroid Function

    TSH 0.61 0.27 - 4.20 IU/L

    T4 Total 114.9 64.5 - 142.0 nmol/L

    Free T4 15.70 12 - 22 pmol/L

    Free T3 4.00 3.1 - 6.8 pmol/L


    Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs H 40.8 <34 kIU/L

    Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs 19.7 <115 kU/L


    Vitamin B12 334 Deficient <140 pmol/L

    Insufficient 140 - 250

    Consider reducing dose >725

    Serum Folate H 43.27 10.4 - 42.4 nmol/L

    Clutter responded.

  • I am an OP --- what does it stand for ? Thanks for re-posting my results.

  • OP = "original poster" = you.

    No problem I wanted you to get advice quicker as some people use phones and tablets to post from.

  • Just checking !

  • Hi Marz

    Thanks for the link. Maybe b12 is the answer. I had a blood test and posted the results, like hundreds of others before me! Clutter advised that whilst I wasn't b12 deficient, my levels, along with ferritin were low. Started taking the supplements only about a week ago. I am impatient to see results as I am soooooo fed up with not feeling well. I probably just need to give it a bit longer before I see results.

  • How much are you taking ? Did you manage to read the link I posted for you - so much information for you about B12. Important to be on top of things so you know more than you Doc :-)

    Any further testing of B12 whilst supplementing is of little value. This is detailed in the Folate and B12 Deficiency Guidelines that your GP should have read.

    You should also take a good B complex to keep all the B's in balance. It could take up to 3 months for things to improve ....

  • Thanks Marz. I am taking 1000ug methylcobalamin and b complex also Solgar. I notice that also contains b12 at 50 ug and magnesium at 24mg as citrate. My bloods were done privately this last time. Had a blood test through the GP in April where they tested T4 and haemoglobin but not all of the other things. Doubt that she would test b12 anyway let alone again! Today I took a tablet that my previous GP gave me for dizziness as I was so fed up and had a bad head. Betahistine dihydrochloride. Boy have they made me feel rough !

  • Am sorry you are feeling rough - also sorry not to be able to help. Horrid for you having to take a pill that is not helping. There is a movement of the head/neck I have read about on the forum - that is supposed to help - but I cannot for the life of me remember what it is called. Maybe someone who does will be along soon ....

  • Yes I have had that manoeuvre done to me a couple of times in the past by. GP. It is designed to try and dislodge bits of stuff that have broken off and are floating around in the inner ear. I might have that as well but my dizziness is constant so I think it is more systemic. Thank you for your kind words and for caring !

  • I think the next thing would be to look t your T4 and see if a different brand would help :-)

  • Thanks Marz. Lots of trial and error. Maybe I can suggest that if the GP refuses to increase the dose, which is what Clutter has suggestedI need. Thanks again for trying to help.

  • The ear thing could be caused by low magnesium. Have you tried taking magnesium?

    Also, the copper might not be agreeing with you. People are more likely to have a zinc deficiency than a copper deficiency, because you only need such a tiny amount of copper. Why not try just zinc on its own?

  • There is some magnesium in the b complex I take I have noticed. 24mg as citrate it says on the label. Don't know if this is enough or if it is the right sort of magnesium?? Could try zinc on its own. I don't think it is the copper making me dizzy though. I have had the dizziness for months and years off and on but have only taken zinc recently --- and even then it is the one I often forget to take !

  • Magnesium Citrate is a good one. But, it's not nearly enough. I take over 424 mg.

    It's rather unusual to have a B complex that contains anything other than Bs. Is this small amount of magnesium citrate not just used as a filler? I think it is.

  • -it is Solgar so a well known and reputable brand. It is listed along with all the other B vits so don't think it is a filler -- other things are given as bulking agents but amounts of those not given. I can get some more to take. I will try anything to make it stop ! Is there one you would recommend ?

  • Not a brand, no. But which magnesium you take depends on what you want it to do.


  • Really interesting article. The person who wrote it certainly knows their onions and their magnesiums !

    None of them talk about dizziness. The closest to me is the one that talks about fatigue. Why did you think dizziness may come from a lack of magnesium ?

  • Actually, l was thinking more about the tinnitus. Low magnesium affects ears, so if your dizziness is due to a problem with your ears, it might help. Just thinking out of the box. :)

  • I like it ! I will try it. Anything to stop it. Only thing that helps is a glass of wine. Makes everything fuzzy round the edges ! I know it's not really good for me but all things in moderation !

  • Wine is very good for you! The French thrive on it. :)

  • Ali,

    Levothyroxine made me feel dreadful with lots of head problems over the period of four years. At my worst I felt as if the ground was moving all the time and as if my eyeballs were swollen, becoming painful to look to the left and right . Adding T3 has alleviated everything.

    SlowDragon's suggestion of going gluten free is good as Dr Datis Kharrazian believes Hashimoto antibodies can cross the blood brain barrier and cause all sorts of neurological problems.

    I practice a lot of yoga but when my thyroid hormones are low my balance is atrocious and I become clumsy, knocking over drinks and walking into door frames, etc.

    Beware that HRT can reduce thyroid hormone activity. I also take a low dose of HRT.

  • Thanks. The feeling you describe is very familiar! I may get to the T3 stage although at the moment I am trying supplements for a while to see if they solve my numerous problems.

    I have just started trying to go gluten free so will persevere with that too.

  • I've been very lightheaded too. My dr took my blood pressure and a little concerned as its a bit too low. She's thinking that's causing lightheadedness. Might be checking.

  • Thanks I will ask for my bp to be checked when I go on Thursday.

  • I may have missed it, but it didnt look as if your iron was tested.

  • Think ferritin is the iron thing which Clutter said was on the low side so I am taking iron supplements along with 1000 mcg vit C.

    Hoping it will all kick in soon and I will feel better. Seeing the GP on Thursday to ask for a higher dose of Levo but suspect she will turn me down because my last NHS blood test shows levels within range for everything as far as she is concerned.

  • Alif, did you find your dizziness improved when your iron levels went up?

  • Can't say that i did. Actually I stopped taking all of the supplements about a week ago and I feel a bit better. Still a bit light headed but not as bad, and the same for my aches and pains. Might start again after my rheumatologist appointment but I will see how I feel.

  • Did you supplement magnesium?

    Also your B12 was quite low

  • I was taking b12 sub lingually but maybe not enough. Anyway for the moment I have stopped all of the supplements and I actually feel a bit better. Not normal but a bit better. I'll probably start some of them again slowly after my rheumatology appointment on the 22nd.

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