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New Labs, Feeling like Crud, Need your help!

Hey all!

You've all been so hopeful before and I have some new recent labs... The back story is that I had TT due to thyca 11/14, RAI 1/15. Started 150 Levoxyl, added in Cytomel, went to NDT and have since gone back to the T4/T3 combo. A month ago I was advised to not only add in the 5 mcg of Cytomel, but to also raise my T4 from 163 to 191 (by alternating doses) as my TSH would not go under 1.0, regardless of how much T4 I was taking.

The Cytomel makes a difference but since being on Tirosint, I am experiencing extreme mental lethargy and I CAN NOT sleep; no REM sleep and jolted wide awake. A sleep study last week ruled out apnea.

Dear lord, guys, I need help. I've wasted almost two years feeling depressed and being so fatigued to enjoy anything. I've even had to cut down in work which has affected living and my eyes burn daily. Anyway, here are my most recent labs. To note, no meds were taken 24 hours prior:

TSH: .06 (range .450 - 4.5)

FT4: 1.40 (.82 - 1.77)

FT3: 2.8 (2.0 - 4.4)

Reverse T3: 17.5 (9.2 - 24.1)

Total T3: 94 (71-180)

Does anyone have any suggestion what I should do or what dosage strike a chord?

I'm desperate to start feeling normal.

Thank you all.

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Hello Misscliocat, please forgive me if this sounds stupid, but are you sure everything other than thyroid issues have been ruled out? It's easy to blame all our symptoms on thyroid - I did a few weeks back till others in the family got ill too and we realized it was virus of some kind... Just saying. Also how is your Adrenal health?

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I've been suffering terribly from fatigue over the past three years as well so I feel your pain. I've had some temporary relief from taking vitamin D, from soaking in a bath with sea salt (I think that still helps somewhat at times) and most recently from taking an adrenal supplement. I'm hopeful that adrenal support may be a a more long lasting solution. My functional medicine doctor also cautions me from believing that all my symptoms come from thyroid issues so I think that's wise to investigate other causes for your fatigue. Nutrition, adrenals and other illnesses as a start.

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You might feel better if you increase T3 dose to 15mcg to get FT3 >4.0.

I recommend you have ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate checked. Low/deficient levels cause fatigue, low mood and musculoskeletal pain similar to hypothyroid symptoms.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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I think you can take it that most of your symptoms, at least, are down to that very low T3. You don't seem to be converting much at all, and you need a rise in T3 to bring your FT3 up. 5 mcg is only a tiny dose, and won't do much to help.

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thank you all for your responses!!!

i definitely am confident that my adrenals are shot... since having my thyroid out, I've been dealing with the sadness and frustration of symptoms out of my control (hair loss and bad tinnitus due to RAI prep work) and i know that affects me immensely. i am told today to lower my T4 to 171 (by alternating) and to keep the T3 the same... i wouldn't mind raising it but i'm weird where it gets to too high then i feel too manic/like... maybe i've been accustomed to feeling more hypo for so long? but i'm sure it'll be raising that and lowering t4.

all other labs are great. i know, right? good thing i've been a vitamin fan for so long... and- after being vegan for so long, I started fish up a year ago and just started chicken for the first time yesterday... just trying to give my body what it feels...

does anyone here take cytomel? just curious, and what is your FT3 like?


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