New hypothyroid medication, high results

I have recently switched from Armour to WP thyroid. First labs indicate over-range Free T3, fairly high on the range Free T4 ( 84% on range ) and obviously low TSH ( expected anyway ). I also went from a ferritin iron of 135 to 43, since last September, diet the same but probably more iron if anything. Can my high thyroid hormones affect iron? I am thinking I should lower my WP Thyroid dose. I took blood before I took any meds on the day as well. Confused as I can't find a lot of info on how to lower NDT, when to lower and what low iron but high thyroid levels means. Thanks

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  • Nancybuckley,

    What is the FT3 result and range and how much WP do you take? You lower NDT by taking less when you are overmedicated.

    High thyroid hormone levels don't cause iron/ferritin to drop. Were you supplementing iron when ferritin was 135?

  • Hi thank you. No I wasn't supplementing iron at any point. I had very low ferritin before diagnosis ( other iron tests were fine ) at 7, then it went to 135 months later when all my thyroid labs were good and now its down again at 43. I know how to read my thyroid labs, my free T4 is over the range too, just realised I was looking at total T4! so both are high... my free T3 is 8 and the range is 3.1-6.1. I think it is a case of over medicated, as I switched from Armour and that was not good last year for a lot of patients, I heard a lot of people say it wasn't working as well so perhaps the WP is more effective for me? Its the iron test that puzzles me.

  • Nancybuckley,

    You asked how to reduce WP. I needed to see FT3 level to advise that reducing 1/2 grain (30mg) will probably be sufficient reduction to drop FT3 into range.

    If ferritin rose from 7 to 135 without supplementing iron it is likely that you had a virus or infection which can elevate ferritin. Ferritin is optimal half way through range and <70 is generally seen as sub optimal so you may want to supplement iron with vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

  • Hi, thank you again. Yes, I was going to reduce by half a grain and then re-test in 8-12 weeks. I really don't think I had a virus. From what I know, ferritin will increase once your absorption is better with optimal thyroid function. The reason it was so low was thyroid related ( previous tests were always over 100 too ). Who knows but I asked Lorraine Cleaver from Thyroid Petition Scotland and she suggested leaving iron supplementation until my next test. I am trained in nutrition and look at my iron every now and then, I definitely exceed the RDI but also have endometriosis so I don't know if that contributes, blood loss isn;t too high these days. I'll consider liquid supplementation, But anyway, thank you very much for the help.

  • i can say mine didnt go up with thyroid being balanced.....and i think mine is tied to pure digestion since i bloat and dont digest food quickly for me i have to go back to taking enzymes and such with meals to get my digestion better

  • I hope you get some relief soon. I have quite good digestion now, as long as I avoid gluten there is no bloating or anything.

  • Sorry, I am on 4 1/2 grains of WP thyroid. Last year I reduced my Armour from 5 to 4 1/2 so perhaps this is a natural process of lowering my medication? Anyhow, will get back to taking daily temps too.

  • Do your have Hashi's? Could be a 'hyper' swing.

  • No I don't. I know that happens with hashi's, but I don't have it so I am now pretty sure it is just a case of being over-medicated. I hear the WP Thyroid is more effective than the current Armour formula so perhaps that is it, or maybe I just don't need as much as I used to.

  • Or maybe it just suits you better than Armour.

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