Help understanding results.. High Prolactin, Low FT4, normal T3 and TSH

This are my Moms results.. she had a surgery 5 years ago in which they removed half of her thyroid.. she has been using NDT since then.. currently 2 grains.

Can anyone help me know if her levels are fine? and how can she lower Prolactin.

Free T3- 2.2 pg/mL [Range 2.0 - 4.4]

Free T4 - - 0.56 ng/dL [Range 0.82 - 1.77] (LOW)

TSH - 0.76 uIU/mL [Range 0.450 - 4.500]

Prolactin - 34.1ng/mL [Range 4.8 - 23.3] (HIGH)

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  • Always the best question to ask when someone is on thyroid hormone replacements is 'How do you feel?' If good the person is on an optimum of thyroid hormones. If not too good, they need more.

    Your mother is on too low a dose of NDT and should increase it. usually increases are by 1/4 or 1/2 tablet but I'd go for 1/4 as she is on 2 grains already. She can increase every two weeks depending on how she feels on a particular dose. Temp and pulse should be taken before increasing as we don't want to take too much and temp/pulse can be a guide: The following are your mother's latest results:-

    Free T3- 2.2 pg/mL [Range 2.0 - 4.4]

    Free T4 - - 0.56 ng/dL [Range 0.82 - 1.77] (LOW)

    FT3 should be toward the upper part of the range as should FT4

    I wasn't sure about Prolactin so have looked it up and this is the link:-

    It is most probably due to too low a dose of NDT.

    (I am not medically qualified but have hypothyroidism (which was undiagnosed/unmedicated).


  • I also believe this.. but I find strange that her doctor tells her she is fine.. and he even told her that her FT4 , TSH and T3 are good.. that probably if she drops her thyroid medication.. her prolactin will go lower.

    She takes Caberlogine 0.5mcg twice a week for Prolactin ..

  • There are many strange doctors who tell their patients exactly the same - you're in normal range your symptoms are not due to hypo.

  • "Progesterone, thyroid hormone (T3), Vitamin A, and Calcium all help to lower prolactin and regulate estrogen/progesterone balance."

    -- from the comments section of

  • I've been told by my endo that taking any form of T3 then if you are near or on the correct dose of T3 then that will be towards the top of the range but your FT4 can be around halfway and your TSH as low as zero and if the T3 is correct for you the other two aren't being utilised. Your mums T3 is down at the bottom of the range so needs increasing a quarter at a time.

  • Thanks my mom should increased the NDT dose.. maybe 3 grains instead of 2. and see her symptoms and then get bloodwork again..

  • I also looked at her last blood test back in July.. and this was her results.

    TSH 1.2 {normal)

    Prolactin 19.3 (normal)

    Free T3 6.4 (high)

    Cholesterol Total and LDL 237/124 (high)

    Free T4 0.64 (low)

    this makes me more confusing.. how can she be normal on TSH and Low t4 but high t3, and then her prolactin was normal..but cholesterol high.

  • anyone?

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