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changes from armour to t3-t4 treatments???

I've just witten this reply to another thread writing in just wondering if anyone has had chronic hair loss due to taking armour thyroid medication?

if so did you change? did you see better results?

heres a brief outline...

theres more info in my other posts but i want to know if i should change? or sit tight???

"i am crying every 51 years old...this time last year when i wasn't on any thyroid medications my ferritin level was 4 but i had fantastic hair! thickshoney supple bouncy curls and my hair was growing....Now its brittle, dry ( despite copious conditioner) and it just sheds sheds sheds! its just like if i was to brush it it would simply all come out....

I've been on armour since october last year...i took on a nutritionist in March this year as i was concerned about the lack of vitamin absorption despite relentless supplementation

i learned to take vitamin D with fat soluble foods, i learned to take iron on an empty stomach with Vitamin C and apart from your thyroid medications....ive got my supplementation down to a fine art not to mention gluten and dairy free well balanced clean diet....ive been so religious about this...ive stopped eating and drinking all my favourite foods now.

I've been tested and tested for this and that and the doctors say you are in range you are normal....

my TSH is 3.39 m U/L (0.54-4.25)

my free t4 is 9.8 8.0-19.1pmol/L

they didn't bother with t3 but last time it was higher and just out of range....

so by all accounts I'm 'normal now'

the endocrinologist said he wants my TSH between 0.3 and 2.0

I'm currently on 2 grains of armour thyroid...and I'm on a supplementation programme mainly to raise vitamin D and Iron. i take a probiotic i use ACV with every meal

I've been supplementing with iron since october last year with very little progress...and I've been taking lots of supplements to support my condition

vit b12 sublinguale, vit D vit K, probiotics, meda stim, magnesium, zinc...beleive me im trying!

my core temperature is around 35.8 at the moment. thats gone up from the chilly 35.4

nobody has worked harder and trying to find the answers than me....all i know is that this time last year my hair was healthy....and now its not.

IS this the armour thyroid????

has anyone successfully gone from armour to t3-4 mix and had good results or should sit this out longer?

i seriously do not know what else to do and I'm seriously ready to throw the towel in.

all i now is that i am heartbroken...and I'm seriously miserable.

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Just to clarify, your TSH is 3.39 on 2 grains of Armour? If so, you're undermedicated.

May be lack of Armour that's the problem.

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I agree with Jazzw that you are undermedicated. TSH needs to be <1.0 and FT3 in the upper third of range.

If you check your thyroid results from last year when hair was good and before you started Armour, I expect TSH was low, FT4 high in range, and FT3 in the upper third.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


I would comment that I also find my hair is not so good on Armour thyroid.When I took my self off it at Christmas time as I was unwell and a bit worried aboutT3/T4 balance ,I returned to my NHS prescription of 75mcgs T4 /10mcgs T3. The first one to comment was my hairdresser.My hair had returned to being silkier which was very welcome as I use salon products which aren't cheap so was happy to have my hair in good condition again.

However,unfortunately,apart from my hair,I wasn't feeling so good on my T4/T3 and cannot deny that Armour Thyroid gives me a much better sense of well being and confidence which is important to me as life has been very stressful these last few months and is going to continue that way for a for a few months yet. !!......... I hope you manage to solve the problem .....Unfortunately I think it's all a continual juggling act.


What is your ferritin level now?

And do you take B complex?


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