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Getting better!

Hello dear people!

I just wanted to post something positive for a change... Two weeks ago I was consumed by suicidal thoughts & couldn't stop weeping... But I feel so much better now!

I am addressing my disease head on; here's what I'm taking .. ( deep breath )

3 X grains of 1/4 grains ( 16.25 mg ) of WP Thyroid , Floradix iron & vits ( it's excellent stuff, felt better in one day ) apple cider vinegar & organic lemon juice to aid digestion , B6 & B12. Magnesium, calcium & Zinc, SAM-e, 5HTP, Selenium, hemp oil ( my hair had got so coarse & crispy ! Then I remembered Hemp oil taken orally is a very good source of Omeaga, and makes your hair so soft, it really does! )

I stopped eating Almonds, apparently they aren't good for your thyroid!

I'll get my thyroid levels tested in a month privately, but I'm thinking if I'm feeling better, just go with it?

I'll be careful, aware of the danger of going Hyper.

What really worries me, is what if things change, and I'm not able to buy my NDT? ( like rules & laws preventing the sale of the stuff? )

That's a thought not worth contemplating! What would we do?

I'll try not to worry.. It doesn't help, does it?

A wish you all a good week ahead, and thank you for this forum, it's saved me.

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Hi Elainerevolves,

Great to hear that you are starting to feel a good bit better.

Keep up the positive thinking,

J 👍


So nice to hear a positive story :)

Good for you taking control of your health issues. I hope you continue to improve


Hi Elainerevolves, so good to hear you are feeling a little better. Just keep on taking one day at a time. Thank you for your tip about hemp oil, will definitely give it a go, as my hair resembles this at the mo! x

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What is hemp oil


Oil extracted from Hemp; try Ebay


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