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I didn't realise how I'll I was until I started to get better been on levothyroxine for 3 months I thought I was just getting old and grumpy my memory's back got more energy back at work hitting the gym and eating better I learnt so much off this website its unbelievable and helped a lot by picking little tips of a lot of people. I can cope with the physical side of hypothyroidism but the mental problems are very testing for ourselves and the people around us. I hope you all get better and find your perfect dose

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  • I was so awful before I got diagnosed it caused my husband to leave me for another woman. I was grumpy, tired, depressed and not intrested in doing anything with him. I started on lethrothyroxine 4 months after he left. My TSH was 177 and my T4 2.4 so I was severely under active. We got back together after 18 months apart and are very happy now. This was 10 years ago now that he left. People who don't have the condition don't understand how we struggle daily just to Carry on with working, looking after kids and the house etc. I'm on 125mg of lethrothyroxine and am gluten, dairy and soya free because of a severe bowel problem. I had 1/3 of my large bowel removed last year. I'm am in a good place now and feeling quite positive. My mood and anxiety can change quickly if my levels change though. Hope you continue to feel better x

  • My wife has put up with so much with me staying in bed short temper laziness we've nearly split up a few times I knew it wasent me iv got so much good job beautiful kids nice home but was still unhappy how could such a small thing wreak so much havoc thank god its treatable I couldn't of gone on much longer I'm glad your better

  • Good point. And yes, its really hard on others. I am grateful every day that this was treatable. I hated coming home from work and falling asleep in a chair for a few hours, getting up and going to bed. !2 hours was nothing for me to sleep. Work was soooo tiresome and I was always getting sick with sinues and ear infections. It's like a new life when we are able to feel better! Thanks for sharing

  • Also your readings were very similar to mine

  • Well done and I'm glad things worked out for you and your husband. I'm sorry you had the additional bowel problem but glad you're now much better.

  • My feelings exactly and I think it's why so many people go undiagnosed, we just think it's part of the aging process. Once I got on the right track with vitamins (D for me) and levo I realized that 63 should not feel like 83. So many symptoms that I didn't even know were symptoms!!! Congrats and thanks for the great news

  • I was 69 and also blamed old age .Took a year to get rid of most symptoms although falling asleep after being up an hour stopped within a couple of weeks.

  • That's great news and you'll be much relieved to be back to a more 'normal' life. :)

  • That's really good to hear. I got diagnosed with an under-active thyroid 3 months ago, having gone to the GP to see if I could get a referral to a sleep clinic as I was getting sleep apnoea symptoms. She requested that I get some blood tests done first before any referral. I didn't know at the time, but I was screened for Thyroid function. I got a call the next day from the GP, not surprisingly, as my TSH was somewhere on the region of ~330.

    I know now what the result means, but that's thanks to this site - which is a great resource.

    Still getting my dose calibrated, but definitely feeling better. I learnt to live with a lot of the physical symptoms I had (just putting them down to old age). I can't agree with you more about the impact on mental health and how it affects those around you. I think it's the hardest aspect of condition to deal with - especially as you are not aware of it whilst you are undiagnosed.

    It's only now I realise how bad I felt, but fortunately a straight forward dose of Levo is sorting me out. My thoughts are with all of you who are either struggling to get diagnosed or get the right treatment.

  • Sometimes I was grumpy with my wife and even the kids and afterwards I'd sit and feel so guilty its not me and it made me more depressed I'm only 31 but felt ninty my tsh was over a hundred and my t4 was 1.9 I still feel a lot of the physical affects but mentally feel a lot better I wonder how many situation's and decision's have been affected by this over the last few years almost like iv been robbed of true experiences with my family and freinds. I honestly believe people should be tested as a precaution cos god knows how many people are suffering and don't realize I had no idea

  • Feel exactly the same about lost experiences and that there should be standard screening. I'm 47 - but now I know what the symptoms are - I suspect it's been going on for > 10 years but just getting slowly worse.

    I never went to visit the GP, so my medical history was basically blank. I also checked back on the records from a BUPA health screen I had - and they didn't run any Thyroid tests as part of their standard blood tests at the time.

    As being hypothyroid is rarer in men - 1 in 1000 rather than 15 in 1000 for women (according to NHS Choices) I don't think it's something that is at the front of mind of many Doctors when you visit, but you will get treated for the physical ailment (e.g. chest or sinus infection), offers to join the diet club or given treatment for depression.

    When I got grumpy, my wife said that she wished there was a pill I could take to sort it out. Fortunately, there was!

  • I honestly believe iv had this for more than 3 years I had hearing problems for the last two but slowed down about 5 years ago and its been hear you say ten years makes me sad I couldn't of gone on much longer hats off to you and god bless your wife mate my wife is a saint there's so many family outings iv ducked out of how are you feeling now what dose. I think we where diagnosed at the same time

  • Yes - my wife is so supportive - so are the kids. They've definitely spotted the difference.

    Feeling physically much better - no longer have dry skin, acid reflux, blurred vision in the morning, difficultly hearing (particularly in places with loud background noise), puffy face, alcohol/spicy food intolerance, sore joint ligaments, sleep apnoea, falling asleep in front of the TV/on the train. So much more energy and getting some PBs down the Gym - and blood pressure and cholesterol have dropped significantly. Mentally.... just feel a different person and fun got back into my life.

    Initial dose was 50mg and after first blood test when TSH went down to 93 and T4 up to ~3.5 put on increased dose of 100mg.

  • Same symptoms ha ha its a good feeling finding out there's a way out of it all I'd say I'm 30% better looking forward to the next docters appointment diets important too when do u take your Levi morning or night and is your sleeping affected

  • Take it first thing in the morning with water and leave it half an hour until any other medication or eating anything. Sleep for me has got so much better since I started on Levo - no longer waking up in the middle of the night, no night sweats and getting deep sleep again.

  • I take mine at night but I'm switching back to morning I seem to get energy' after taking it my sleepings rubbish iv read on here some people split it in to 2 its mental to think I'm going to have to take medication for life

  • Hi I've just been put on levothyrixine 50mcg like you feel sooo much. Better for 20 yrs I've had irregular tests back saying border line until July finally got told I needed it my world is so different I feel like I've wasted life but he's to the rest hopefully 👍👍 I do feel tired still my hair still falling out but not half as bad maybe my doc may up

    My dose then the world will be even better 😃 Life is good I feel happy again and so grateful 👍

  • I had to shave my head but now its all coming back I'm a bit miffed cos I threw my hair gell away haha I still ache but my mind is back thank god glad your feeling better how are you finding levo

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