What supplements?

I've recently watched a really informative video by Dr Brad Shook. It showed how the thyroid works & what is needed to make it work effectively. I already had a pretty good idea of this but found the video really useful. I haven' posted it as I'm not sure if I'm allowed but it's easy enough to find on the internet.

He did mention just how important selenium & tyrosine are & I'm thinking of adding these to my list of supplements. Tyrosine only seems to be available in the 'thyroid support' supplements such as Higher Nature Thyroid Support Formula & Now Thyroid Energy.

My questions are has anybody taken any of these supplements?

Would I be better just taking the selenium rather than the 'thyroid support' type supplements?

I'm currently taking 2.5 grains of Thyroid S (started Nov 16 with 1 grain & slowly increased) & these supplements daily. I'm going to get some BH blood tests done in a few weeks so maybe these can be reduced:

B12 2,000

B Complex

D3 5000

MK7 K2 100

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  • I haven't taken Tyrosine but if you Google Tyrosine you will see that it's possible to buy it as a separate supplement L-tyrosine.

    Be careful of any 'thyroid support' supplements, they all seem to contain iodine or kelp. Iodine shouldn't be supplemented unless tested and deficiency found.

  • That's really useful Susie.

    I had read that it's best checking iodine before supplementing.

    I think I'll look into selenium & tyrosine. I think we're always learning with UAT!

    I think I was expecting the weight to drop off once I started the NDT but it's not, so I'm looking at things that may help my thyroid along the way :-)

  • I was expecting a bit of weight loss when I added T3 to my Levo but it's gone up. But then again, I'm my own worst enemy, I'd rather live on biscuits and chocolate :D

    I do take selenium as it helps with conversion, I might look into Tyrosine.

    I don't think there's a problem with posting videos, there's been some very useful and informative ones lately. I wouldn't know how to do it but I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to technology :)

  • Haha maybe that's my problem - a biscuit here & there doesn't hurt :-)

    Although I have been really good & it still isn't coming off, it was that that first maybe think I had a UAT!

    I'm not too great with technology but heres a link to the web page it was #2 that I watched. I'll probably have a look at his others when I get time. He seemed to talk a lot of sense & in a way I could understand.


  • I'm 10 minutes in and have already learned something. Excellent find Justliloldme . I'm going to start again and take notes :)

  • Wonderful video, thank you so much for sharing!!!

  • It depends why you are hypo. Are you hypo because of a deficiency of tyrosine? Iodine and tyrosine are the two ingredients that make up thyroid hormones. But, if you thyroid can't make more hormone because it is sick for some reason, adding in more ingredients isn't really going to help.

    Selenium is different, but be careful, you can over-dose on it.

  • This makes sense grey goose. However I have no idea why I'm hypo, how do I find out?

    I know I don't have hashis as antibodies were really low when tested in July 16. All Vit levels are optimal.

  • Did you have both antibodies tested? One negative test does not rule out Hashis, because antibodies fluctuate.

    Apart from testing antibodies, there's no way, really, of finding out why.

  • Both antibodies tested. I'm going to pay for some more BH tests in a couple if weeks so they'll be tested again

  • :)

  • I also have tested negative for antibodies since I was diagnosed...my dr says adrenals, progesterone, estrogen etc all come in to play with thyroid since it is a axis and they interact with eachother up or down as well as supplements...I was high in selenium and have no idea why....and vit a....but dr said if it is from food she doesn't worry about it ..but if from supplements...it is bad....I also believe b vitamins crucial but I have always had a problem with my ft4 and ft3 staying in bottom of normal no matter what I take....t4 only or ndt .......but I also have high cortisol...not off the charts but over normal 2 times a day which is understandable with my work load...but she has me on progesterone and estrogen bec I was low in both and I also am thinking of tyrosine...anything to help with metabolism.....but she said any hormones off balance makes us gain weight....I did read tyrosine gives you more energy...

  • It's a minefield isn't it. I'm trying to do all this on my own as my GP says I'm 'tickety boo' 😡

    However since starting NDT in November I'm feeling so much better but I know there's still something (no sure what) that needs sorting.

  • b12, bcomplex, vit c 2000mg split, vit d3 with k2, zinc, omega 3, flaxseed oil, and making sure my ferritin in not at the bottom of normal range..if so then take iron......if you google supplements that help the conversion of t3 to t4 and or support thyroid function...it will list them and how they help...and you may find something you have overlooked.....go to sttm.com....and type in search box...that is one site but googling will give you many articles as well...

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