Please help!!

Hi guys ☺ I have recently had my bloods done after very long story of getting my gp to prescribe me NDT ....full story can be read on my profile lol's results show TSH 166.60, T3 1.4 AND T4 1.4

I had reduced to 1 grain every 3 days as I was feeling much better and basing my dose on how I was feeling x

My gp now wants to speak to my specialist ( which is me and you guys here! ) as I told my gp I was seeing a specialist and that he was requesting all the different blood tests for vitamin d, b12, magnesium etc...

All other tests are normal, ferratin , folate, b12, rbc.

My question is are these levels dangerous and how can I normalise them ASAP x

I feel great with no symptoms ☺

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  • You might feel great now, but I'm pretty sure you won't for long! 1 grain every 3 days - did I read that right? I take 3 grains a day!

    How long have you only been taking a grain every 3 days? Weeks or months?

  • Hi jazzw I only reduced to that dose after coming down from 3 grains over the last 10 weeks. I felt awful on 3 grains and bit by bit kept reducing until I felt better, which ended up as 1 grain every 3 days.

    I just don't know where to go from here, I really thought these results would be my best yet, so am totally confused

  • But if it's only been 10 weeks, you've come down the doses way too fast. Reducing dose is a lot like raising it - you need to go slooowwwlly. If you felt overmedicated, dropping half a grain would have been more than enough. I think because of the short time frame you can't really go by how you feel right now. It's likely that you'll crash - and crash hard - if you don't start upping your dose again. Go back up to a grain a day to start fixing the damage, and after a week or so, back up to one and a half, then 2 grains a fortnight after that. Then stick at 2 grains for a good 6 weeks before thinking about raising it again - a test would be good at that stage.

    I can see from previous posts this isn't the first time you've drastically reduced your dose and very quickly. But your body needs to take time to get used to a dose - it's not going to work well if you keep confusing the heck out of it!

    Right now you are woefully undermedicated and need to address that, no matter how well you feel.

  • OK thank you so much I have taken 1 grain already for today, so will continue as you advised xx

  • Normal is meaningless when it comes to thyroid. It just means in range. But in range isn't the same as optimal. Do you have the actual figures for the ferritin, etc?

  • No he wouldn't give them to me as I was on the phone , he just said they were all good. I will be going to get a print off in the next few days, I was supplementing .

  • Yes, that's the best thing to do. Because, I can assure you, he has no idea whether they were good or not. Also, if you were already supplementing B12, the results will be useless.

  • if there's one thing I've learnt about treating this condition is to move slowly with increasing/decreasing meds. Totally agree with the others x Good luck crinfly

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