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New to NDT please review latest results

Previously on synthroid 25 mcg results were as follows:

Feb 29/16 blood tests

TSH. 2.79 (0.02-4.00)

T4. 16.7 (9.1-25.0)

T3. 4.2 (3.5-6.5)

On Erfa

May 17/16 blood tests

TSH. 1.90 (0.20-4.0)

T4. 11.1 (9.0-23.0)

T3. 4.8 (3.5-6.5)

Currently taking 3/4 grain per day. My next increase is due on Sat which would bring me up to 60 mg or one grain, is this wise as I'm not sure if I'm at the optimal dose yet? Looking to further decrease joint ache and fatigue (improved while on ndt). Naturopath is following me as well, supplementing Iron, omega 3 and vitamin D. Any comments greatly appreciated.

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No, you are not at optimal dose yet as; TSH can go lower, T4 is often low when medicating T3. T3 is still quite low and indicates room for a dose raise.

I read that NDT can be difficult to tolerate with iron and nutrient deficiencies. Low B12 needs to be supplemented asap. Many members get on better with Methylcobalamin & if folate is needed Methylfolate with a B complex.

Good luck with the new diet and getting rid of the candida. I was in your place last year & now feel tons better.



Looks like I'm adding folate and b12 to the regime.


Yes... numbers are low and, as radd indicated, TSH can go lower. Do increase NDT by at least 1/4 - 1/2 grain Saturday. It is always wise to track/record body temp and heart rate daily (about 3 pm is good) along with dosage and briefly.. how you are feeling each day. Be ready to increase by a bit (1/4 - 1/2 grain) each 10 days - 2 weeks until body temp and heart rate start to normalize and symptoms abate. Before the cursed and inaccurate TSH test was invented, body temp/heart rate and alleviation of symptoms was the only way docs had of determining NDT dosage for each individual.

If heart rate and body temp start to rise above normal numbers, back down to a previous, lower dose of NDT. Trying to hit that 'sweet spot' can be tricky.

Blood labs should be taken every 6 - 8 weeks on NDT in order to see how you are doing and until you are optimized. You will be wanting to check iron, B12 and D3 every few months as well during this time. Sounds like you are doing good things for yourself so far. :)


I would just go up by a quarter as the folate and B12 can also make a difference and see how that goes


Yes I've only ever increased by a quarter, I figure it's the safest route.


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