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Help to work out results please

note these bloods were taken on 19 th April as Iv only just received them . Doctor has referred to a few abnormalities but has changed nothing of my medication regime due to this I am in process of changing doctors . Help needed in meantime as I feel so unsupported.T4. 16. Serum tsh 8.97. Serum free triiodothyronine 2.3. Serum inorganic phosphate 0.68. Corrected serum calcium 2.26 serum calcium 2.31. Serum alkaline phosphate se 87 serum albumin 47. Serum transferrin 78% Serum transferrin 2.06. Serum folate 11.6 Serum ferriton 158. Serum iron 40. Serum vit b12 307 serum free t4 16 serum tsh 8.97. B. Serum free t4 16.2. Serum tsh 9.13 be antibodies 241. Vit d refused by lab also cortisol 508 morning result ref range 166-507

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Just to add im on 75 mg levothyroxine .



Can you supply ranges for members to give a more comprehensive comment ?


While your b12 looks low I cannot tell as you haven't published the ranges.

Also try and list your results as it makes it easier read.

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Hi thank u both the only ranges listed are serum ferriton 13 -150 previous results 15 th March show serum folate 9.8 serum ferritin 18 serum iron 12 serum vit b12. 225. Serum free t4 16.2. Serum tsh 3.24 Im in uk if anyone can help x


If you know where your blood tests are carried out i.e. which lab, then you can check the lab website. They may have posted the reference ranges they use. You can ask your surgery where they send blood for testing.

Alternatively, if the ref ranges aren't posted on the web you could email or phone the lab and ask if they could send you a copy of their reference ranges.

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Thank you il have a look and update x


Results have meaning only when normal values are reported with the results. Normal values vary according to the methodology of the testing in the lab where the tests were run. Results should appear like so:

Ca: 8.6 mg/dl L (8.8-10.4) mg/dl

A flag of "L" or "H" may appear to indicate the result is abnormally low or high. Results only slightly low or high aren't necessarily significant but listen to what your Dr. has to say about them.

AP, please give us the normal values for your tests.


I am writing this as a trained, graduate and experienced laboratory professional and I am not guessing at any of this.

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My dear suesz it has taken me this long to get my blood results printed . Iv had great difficulty with this surgery . And they made it very difficult to get blood results back as did doctor . I wil fill u in on this . The only levels they show on the test result page is for the ferritin . I feel very defeated now x


Awww, perk up, Andypandy. We'll get you fixed up. You can take these results to the next Dr. you get to replace this current one and let that Dr. explain it to you. It's hard to wait but at least you'll finally have someone you can believe in.

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Thank you surez yes hoping for the best one to help me . Xxx



You know you are hypothyroid, so I'll list normal values for the other tests:

Inorganic phosphate: 0.68 NORMAL 0.97-1.45 mmol/L

Alkaline phosphatase: 87 NORMAL 37-98 U/L

Vit B12:307 NORMAL normal range: <200 pg/ml

Albumin: 47 INVALID RESULT normal range: 3.5-5.5 g/dl Could this result actually be 4.7?

Folate (folic acid/vit. B9): 11.6 NORMAL normal range: 2-20 ng/ml or 4.5-45.3 nmol/L depending on which method was used to measure it.

Calcium: 2.31 INVALID RESULT normal range: 8.5-10.2mg/dl

Ferritin: 158 NORMAL normal range: 11-307 ng/ml or mcg/L

Iron: 40 LOW normal range: 60-170 mcg/dl

Transferrin saturation: 78% HIGH normal range: 20-50% Levels greater than 50% suggest iron overload.

Transferrin: 2.06 LOW normal ranges: 170-370 mg/dl

Cortisol high normal.

Having the printed lab results in your hands would solve some of the mysteries of these invalid results and why your iron is so low while your transferrin saturation is so high.


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