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Would you please comment on my sisters private blood test

Hello I have been posting about my sister who has been treated!!!!! For hypothyroidism for 25 years .She is currently struggling with low ferritin levels and feeling very tired Dr only checking TSH and only ever has over the years and say all good .She had a test at Blue Horizon with results as follows--

Total Thyroxine(T4)113 nmol/L 59--154

TSH 0.84 mIU/L 0.27--4.2

Free Thyroxine19.9 pmol/L 12.0 --22.0

Free T3. 3.6. pmol/L. 3.1--6.8

Thyroglobin Antibodies. 14.5. 0-115(negative)

ThyroidPeroxidaseAntibodies. 11.1. 0-34. Roche Modular method.

Would you say that there is a conversion issue as her T3 is low , but normal in range or is the T3 ok and wouldn't cause the symptoms . I understand low ferritin stops conversion of Thyroxine ..She takes 100 mcu daily away from food iron tabs etc ...Dr has dismissed her said all normal ...is there a case for trying to add T3 or pos changing to NDT ..She saw Dr P last year and was taking adrenal treatment ,if she ups her Throxine she gets shaky and anxious so 100 is tops .What would be your opinion \ advice at this stage .With grateful Thanks Val

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Her t3 is definitely way too low so either she has D102 gene and cannot convert t4 to t3 or her ferritin is low and she needs t3 in the interim

does she take 1000mg vitamin c with her iron ?

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Thanks for your reply , what is this D102 gene and is there a test for it ? yes she has been taking Vit c not sure if that much as I know it irritates her bladder .. It doesn't seem easy to get hold Of T3 ,,do a lot of people just self medicate ?


The gene is actually DIO2 (the I and O are letters, not D one zero two). There's some information on testing on the ThyroidUK website:


I had a larger number of SNPs sequenced via 23andme, the DIO2 polymorphism is one that I was able to look up in their raw data.


She might benefit from reducing her levo a little and adding in some t3. Availability for t3 is poor at the moment.


Thankyou ,, difficult to get hold of , Dr won't prescribe it ?


Sorry, I made the assumption that the gp won't prescribe because they keep saying she's normal. Some doctors will prescribe. She can ask. I think it isn't unreasonable to do a trial if she still feels unwell on levo. They might want to refer her to an endo to see what they say, in which case you can get a list from Louise Warvill.

Someone here will know if Dr Toft said it was not unreasonable to ask for a trial of t3 if symptoms are not resolved on levo - ? In which case your sister could bring Dr Toft's book, or maybe someone could send you a link to bring to the gp. Sorry I can't be more specific, it rings a bell but I'm not sure if this is true or if I am imagining it. :-) Maybe do a search for Dr Toft in the search window.

Some people self-treat, and I assumed that would be your sister's route. The self-treating route is now awkward because of supply problems.


No point taking iron to improve ferritin if you do not also take at least 500mg vit c

self treating with NDT is feasible but she needs t3

email louise .warvil@thyroiduk.com. for a copy of pulse article


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