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New blood results

Be grateful for any comments. Been on 50/75 levo since December 15 and these most recent bloods from mid-March 2016. Feeling okay recently even though bit tired after return to full time work.

Ferritin 53 (10-291) was 24 in Aug 15

Folate 16.2 ((more than 4.0)

Vit B12  729 (211-911)

Vit D  83.7 (50.0 - 125.0)

Free T3 4.8 (3.5-6.5)

Free T4 17.4 (10.0-20.0)

TSH 0.04 (0.35-5.50)

No medication recommended.

Many thanks

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Your results look good to me. I'm glad nobody decided to reduce your medication based on your low TSH. Do you have high levels of thyroid antibodies? If so you may find yourself needing a higher dose over the months and years as your thyroid gradually shuts down. I'm not trying to depress you, just make you aware that you need to listen to your body and get a higher dose when you need one. For me it was every 6 months or so but everyone is different and 10% of hypothyroid people don't have antibodies, so don't need an increasing dose. Make a note of the FT3 and FT4 now you are feeling well so that you can get a dose adjustment that puts your FT3 and FT4 back where they are now. It's a lot better than adjusting the dose by the TSH reading, which many doctors try to do, leaving their patients ill.


Hi eeng thanks for response. I was diagnosed hashimotos in August last year. My TSH was 31 and antibodies high. I was taking 75 levo but my T3 and T4 were both over range and TSH even more suppressed so reduced to 50/75. I feel okay most of the time but thought my T3 could be higher. My endocrinologist is happy with results despite low TSH.


Did you take any iron supplements to get your Ferritin higher?


Hi kerrycat7 when I was diagnosed in August I started taking solgar gentle iron as my ferritin was 28. It has gone up very slowly since last year. I find it hard to tolerate large doses and have tried liquid iron but hated the taste even when mixed with apple juice. I think it needs to be higher but happy to do this slowly. I'm just taking low dose iron now in lambert A-Z multivitamin recommended by endo.

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Thanks for your reply Padster. I am similar and don't tolerate high doses of iron and I agree the Liquid iron isn't the best tasting! 

I will look into the irons you mentioned, my ferritin is still low at 22 and has gone up from 15 but it doesn't seem to move much! 


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