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Blood Tests - Thyroid

I recently had blood tests done and have been told they are all ok. This included my thyroid tests. I have now to go for fasting blood tests, do they test your thyroid this way? I have all the symptoms of thyroid problems, weight gain, hair loss, constipation, tiredness, aches etc. I been tested a few times now and just want to get to the bottom of things.

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Lots of information here on blood tests.

Also see Section 3a of the NHS Patients Constitution

“You have the right to see your health records”.

Tell your health professional that you would like ‘see’ your test results in full, including the range which the lab uses. I believe you can see your data for free on their computer. Otherwise, you will have to pay for a printout.

The fasting could be for a cholesterol test.

Go where there is “oooooodles” of information here, on so much more.


lindsaymaxi, it is not enough to be told 'all OK'. People have been sick for years with 'all OK' thyroid function tests. Sadly it is common to be fobbed off with half an answer.

Is it possible to ask for the actual figures, and if possible the ranges too? Then you can perhaps have a better idea of what yout thyroid function is actually doing rather than just 'normal'.

Fasting blood tests could be for glucose, or cholesterol, I don't recall being asked to fast before a thyroid function test, but perhaps someone else has more information.


Thank you for your help and information. I have an appointment on Tuesday to discuss my results and hopefully I will get some answers.


Please ask for a print out of all of your results. They cannot refuse under the freedom of information act.

Jo xx


Hi Lidsaymaxi, I had the same problem with my Dr doing tests all coming back ok. Tell your Dr you want to see a ENT specialist. Thats how I found out I had a cyst on my Thyroid. I thought I had a underactive thyroid coz of the symptoms. Aches, sleeping, feeling unhappy. Don't give up I've been like this for about 6 weeks now..I know its not a long time but it is when you feel so crap and not yourself. I don't live in the UK but if you can afford to go to the ENT privately then do is more important. Or if you get you Dr to do a referal a letter to your hospital..just keep ringing up to see if you can get a cancellation.... You're not alone :-)


I spoke to my doctor, not my usual one (she wasnt available), and he went through my results. my THS levels were 2.13 which he said were fine, he would have been looking for them to be over 5 and my T4 is 13.25 (i think) which he said was also fine and that the results indicated I didnt have an underactive thyroid. I mentioned I have a lot symptoms he hummed and ahhed and tried to write of the symptoms such as hair loss, tiredness etc age!!!I explained Im concerned, its getting me down, im anxious and would like answers. He said I should continue to gradually come off my anti depressants in next two weeks and we can see how I am after that.

Thanks everyone for your advice and letting me air my worries.

Lindsay x


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