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T3 trial without blood tests

Firstly thank you to all who messaged re t3 suppliers.

Briefly I was diagnosed with auto immune thyroid disorder in February time after paying privately in uk to see an endo as my gp sent me to one who said I was imagining

The weight gain - sensitive neck - hair loss - depression - constipation and joint pain and fatigue plus awful dry peeling skin on my face.

After a scan they discovered an 8mm nodule but said it was fine.

I have been on 50 mcg levo - originally I felt a minuscule improvement to my sensitive nrck and skin and constipation but now it's not making any difference whatsiever.

I teach dance and the weight gain and joint pain is a real problem 😔 I wentbtomendo to ask if meds should be upped or perhaps add t3 but he outright refused as my tsh is 0.55

( he won't test f3 or f4 cos he said my tsh is in range)

Vit d is fine

A gp colleague heard my story and told me she would have tried halving patients levo and added 25mcg t3 - as she has had great results. She told me to call my doc and ask - they refused.

I have ordered t3 from Greece which should be arriving soon and really want to try adding a little ( half a tablet - 12.5 mcg ) and halving my levo to 25 mcg

I cannot afford to get the blue horizon blood test at the moment I'm a single mother self employed and already seeing the private consultant set me back £250 😥

Has anyone else self medicated or adjusted - without blood tests? Is this a huge risk 😖

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Under the circumstances, no, I don't think it is a huge risk. As long as you're sensible. Listen to your body. See how it changes. It's all experimentation, after all, even with blood tests.


You may want to get the book 'recovering with t3' by Paul Robinson, there is a Facebook page of the same name to join. I've just done both and have only started taking t3 in June. The book is cheaper than the blood test results! The book and Facebook page will guide and support you, you can ask questions which is good if your GP is dismissive of t3. Good luck. :-)


Hi LtAngua52, I've tried to join the 'Recovering With T3' Facebook page and never get my request to join acknowledged. I've tried a few times now to join but no reply. Were you successful? Maybe they don't like the look of me? ;-D

I can vouch for Paul Robinson's book, I bought it recently and have found it very helpful. :-)


I've been lucky then! They contacted me first to ask about my medical history and discover if the the site is appropriate as they only give guidance to people on t3 only. I contacted Helen Macdonald on the site. If you are planning to use t3 only then they should help. I would try again. :-)


LtAngua52, I've just read their T&C's and there are many! one of the stipulations is that you allow access to your timeline and 'Likes' list, I have a privacy setting on my F.B. that doesn't allow this to anyone who's not in my friends list. One of the other stipulations that may have gone against me is they don't allow anyone to join who works in the healthcare industry. I am a natural healthcare practitioner, so maybe that's why they've not accepted my joining request. If it is it's a shame, because I still need support even though I help others too. However even though I'm about to trial some T3 I would like to see if I can still take a little T4 with it too as a starter. If not, then I will just try T3 only, so maybe it's actually not the right time for me to join the group anyway?.....

Good luck on your journey. :-)


Oh I didn't realise all the rules. You can still find guidance with the books though. Good luck! :-)

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Checking fb now 👍🏾


I'm the cautious type and, as T3 is quite potent, I would be inclined to start low and go slow. I would quarter the tablet and take 6.25mcg for a couple of weeks to see how you feel and go from there.

If £29 is manageable then Blue Horizon offer a FT3 only test, it's a fingerprick one, so that might be an idea.

What a shame your own GP can't think like your GP colleague :( can you change GPs and go to your colleague?

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Thank you 😊 I'm going to order a ft3 test from there I think - I'll call them. Yes I thought I should just go with the colleague gp but she's about 10 miles from me and do crosses into a different county so I don't think I can register with her surgery as I'm

Not in the right catchment area 😔


Your dose of 50mcg of levo is a starting dose and it's a pity GP didn't raise by another 25mcg after six weeks taking account of your clinical symptoms.

However, it's not a risk to take thyroid hormones without blood tests as that's how it used to be done before the blood tests and levothyroxine were introduced.

Take your pulse and temp before you begin because sometimes we feel hot and think we've taken too much but our temp might not have changed much. Usually when hypo our pulse and temp have lowered and we haven't notice and sometimes it might not come back to what was normal for us but we will feel much better.

I am not medically qualified but feel good on T3 only and I have tried most methods of thyroid hormones. If your pulse goes too fast (it shouldn't as my palps ceased when I took it) miss the next day's 12.5mcg dose and take a 1/4 the following day. Keep to the dose for at least two weeks and don't chop/change dose and then increase gradually every 2 weeks till you feel much better.

Halving your levo dose to 25mcg and adding 12.5 T3 is approx 75mcg of levo.

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Thank you 😊 I think I will half my levo to 25mcg and quarter the t3 ( they are 25mcg) when they arrive - slightly worried about how my pill cutter will work if they are tiny 😖

And try that dose for two weeks.

Would you suggest taking them together? - I take my levo as soon as I wake up ...


If you have problems with your pill cutter either go on Amazon and look for a scalpel or go to a hobby shop and get a hobby knife. Don't get one with funny shaped blades, you want something that looks like a Stanley knife blade but more delicate. Something like this shape :



Fab thanks I'll look on Amazon now - I think my pill cutter is rubbish it doesny even cut a regular paracetamol tablet in half 🙄


I have always take hormones together whatever combo I'veused. Also I've had little trouble quartering 25mcg - I don't think it matters if it isn't strictly accurate and I've not found any difference as long as I take the approx amount. It's also easier and you can forget about tablets for the whole day.


Thank you so much for all your help! Itching for them to arrive now!


Just to confirm that I'm not medically qualified and am going by my own personal experience.


Yes that's fine it's just good to know your experience 😊 It's reassuring !


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