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Can anyone advise me on the question of weight loss?

My 17 year old daughter has finally been diagnosed with "low-thyroid producing hormone" by the GP. Prior to this she experienced five years of weight gain, low energy and other symptoms which I now see are associated with thyroid disfunction. She started on 50 and then moved to 75 mg of Levothyroxine. I haven't yet got a print out of her results. I have two questions, firstly are there any supplements I should be giving to support her health? Secondly, she is beginning to lose weight but it is quite slow - about 1lb per week. Her teenage years were not easy for her because of the weight she gained (a stone per year from 13 to 17 and she is only 5ft tall) and she is keen to shed what she can before she goes to university. Can anyone give us some advice? The more I read the more complicated it seems!

Thank you.

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If levothyroxine suits her and she gets up to a level which makes her feel well, her weight should drop. Always get a copy of her thyroid gland blood test results complete with the ranges for your own records. If there is a query, you can post here and someone will comment upon them.

The GP's are apt to keep your TSH levels with their 'normal range' but that doesn't always make us feel better and the aim should be a TSH of 1 or below. The most important question, I believe, is "how do you feel". If well, you are on enough meds for you.

These are recommended supplements but note there are several of the same so choose only one.

Seeing she is beginning to lose weight on her meds, WeightWatchers might be of benefit to her as it is the regime and weekly weight-ins which give you encouragement. Mind you 11lb a week is a good loss because sometimes a quicker loss means it can go back on easily.

I wish your daughter well and it is a relief when you are finally given a diagnosis.


Very grateful to you for your help. What a great forum this is. So useful. After years of knowing something was wrong but being in the dark, it is a relief to be in touch with people who can help.


I see I had a type error, ie 11lb should read 1lb.


My daughter is 23 and she has scokoisis curvature of the spine. I have had to badger her to go to the doctor as she is allways tired like me. Anyway she went Friday and she is to have some blood test done I will let u know


You need to find out if the T4 in Levothyroxine is converting to T3 for your daughter to lose weight, if not she may need some T3 to help her. Good luck.


Hi Make sure that she has a Free T3 test, that is usually connected to weight, and other symptoms too. It does lower the TSH. If test positive, ie low then she needs treatment with T3 in addition to T4 (Levo)I need my FT3 to be just under the top of range.

Best wishes to you both.



Don't know if it will help your daughter but after many, many years of battling with weight issues and failed diets I discovered Alternate Day Fasting which is amazingly effective.


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