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Blood results

Was on 75 mg off Levothyroxine for 4 weeks ,before that was on75 levo 50 on alternative days as came off levo and liothyronine as just didn't agree with me , as my bloods show today I am T4 16.4 , andTsh 0.77 , I feel I need to increase slightly but will that up my tsh as is it not high enough , feel cold ,but energy up and down ,previously it was 15.4 and tsh 0.02 on the levo and T3 ,any advice ,

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Maggiemay, you Don't want your TSH to go up, you want your FT4 to go up. Once you're on thyroid hormone replacement, the TSH is a pretty useless test. And, as your FT4 goes up, your TSH will come down. But it doesn't matter.

Do you have the range for that FT4? Because without the range, the result doesn't mean much.


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