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Blood Results are in

My results are in. Brief background I am now self medicating and taking 150 levo. My doctor would not up my levo as my blood results were within normal range even though I felt terrible! I was taking 100 levo previously and my blood results were as follows-

TSH 3.44 mIU/L (0.27-4.20)

T4 16.9 pmol/L. (12.0-22.0)

T3 3.79 pmol/L. (3.10-6.80)

I then self medicated as stated and took a private blood test.

The results are as follows-

TSh- 0.06 mIU/L (0.27-4.2)

Free Thyroxine 20.4 pmol/L (12.0-22.0)

T3 5.1 pmol/L. (3.1-6.8)

I feel a lot better and not so tired. Although I don't feel 100 percent I feel better than before. Am I taking too much levo now?

Any interpretation on my results please.

Thank you

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Both t4 and t3 are in range doctor cant argue with that they look good. But it depends how well your feeling? If you feel good as doctor about sticking to that dose.

You had all other blood tests such as b12, folate,ferritin and vitamin d.


Thanks sezzy. My TSH looks ok? Not too low now?

Not done the other tests. Will ask my doctor next time I see him although I am in no rush to do that. He doesn't listen in any event hence why am self medicating.


I think aslong as your t3 is in range and you have no hyper symptoms its ok,but others can tell you more im not a doctor lol just what ive read.

You could try another doctor at your surgery thats what i did and i tell him what i want ,he doesnt always agree but im sure ive done more research than him on my hypothyroidism.


I'm with sezzy - those results look good to me. If you still don't feel right then it's possibly because you are low in iron or one of the vitamins sezzy mentions. Get them all tested and post the results. It's also possible you might need some adrenal support. There's an adrenal questionnaire here

I believe the adrenals love Vit C which I take 3 - 4g off a day.


Thanks for the advice.


Hi Sophia, first of all, congratulations on fighting this uphill battle in the UK for your health and WINNING. This one battle over a pill has cost so many their health.

I agree, your totals look about perfect to me but I do wonder how long you have been on the 150 dose. There are a lot of processes taking place that may take months to show up but I think your body will tell you if and when. Even under a doctor's care, you might be told to come back in six months or a year and you would still be the one to determine what is going on. I don't think a doctor or you as the doctor is very different because you will notice any differences faster then they will.

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Thank you Heloise. I felt so bad before yet no one listened as my results were within range. I am not doing that any more. I've lost complete confidence in my doctor and the only person I am going to listen to is me and this lovely forum. All responses are welcomed and extremely informative. I've not been on 150levo for long. 4weeks to be exact. So the new results are taken with a bit of caution and will repeat blood test in 6 weeks and depending on how I feel.

Thank you.

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That sounds very sensible. You may do fine on 150, it seems to be an average dose. I do think you stableize at a certain level. I was on the same dose for years and years, after menopause I had to double my dose but it had been quite low. I don't think you have to keep adding or reducing your dose. Hope you have smooth sailing!

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Thank you.

Let's hope I can finally start losing some weight now that my levels seem to be in the right place! Will that happen, the weight loss?

Please please someone say yes! Lol


If you are on optimal meds for your body, the yes the weight should come off. Hope they are the right med dose .

Jo xx



As I am self medicating as detailed in my previous question I am now experiencing such pain in my heels and my hands that I feel levo is not right for me. Should I reduce my levo (currently at 150) to 100 and add some T3 (I have obtained as a back up plan). Cannot walk due to the pain in my heels . Really struggling . Hand pain and generally achey all over . Any advice please? I always check in here!

Despite my TSh , t4 and t3 blood results looking good I don't feel right, pain and tiredness still remain an issue.

Thanks for any responses.


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