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Blood results


I was diagnosed with Silent thyroiditis 12 months ago

Been on Levo 100mcg since August when my TSH went to 44

My endo advised reducing this in Dec 2015 as he believed my thyroid may have recovered. I went along with this although sceptical. I had just started to feel a slight improvement in my symptoms and feared going back to were I had been. My results are as follows

Dec 2015 100mcg Levo

TSH 3.27 (0.35-4.50)

FT4 15.7 (11-23 )

FT3 4.2 ( 3.5-6.5)

Jan 2016 75 mcg Levo

TSH 4-15 (0.35-4-50)

FT4 16.3 ( 11-23)

FT3 4.2 (3.5-6.5)

Feb 2016 50mcg Levo

TSH 4-85

FT4 13.5

Ranges as above

I feel increasingly exhausted dry hair itchy skin weight gain anxious low mood slow thinking and am worried my endo will continue to advise further reduction . I had only just begun to feel a slight improvement when he advised reducing

The endo believes my symptoms are more to do with menopause and low oestrogen than thyroid. I am 52 years old

Any advice or interpretation very gratefully received

Julie x

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Your TSH is too high - the aim should be around 1 or lower and some of us need it suppressed (despite experts telling us suppressed will cause problems). You need an increase in levo.

Kingsway1 in reply to shaws

Thank you so much


Wow, i felt exhausted when my tsh rose from 0.02 to 0.1 so how you must feel with a tsh at+ 4 can only be imagined.....

Dose increase needed for you asap.... Believing in something doesn't make it true..... The endo needs proof, not faith.

G x

Kingsway1 in reply to galathea

Thank you so much I feel like I'm his experiment !


Sounds like an endo who has little knowledge of thyroid. Is he mainly a diabetes specialist? Many endocrinologists specialise in diabetes and have very little knowledge of other endocrine disorders.

I also felt horrible when my TSH was above 4. It may be that your GP may be more sympathetic, it is such a lottery to find anyone sympathetic or knowledgeable.

Good luck

Kingsway1 in reply to cjrsquared

This is my earlier history any advice Endos in the south who are informed


I was initially diagnosed as mildly hyperthyroid in April 2015

FT4 22.4

TSH 0.05

In May 2015 my levels had fallen to

TSH 2.99

FT4 11.6

TPO & Thyroglobulin antibody positive

TSH Receptor antibody negative

In June 2015 my levels were

FT4 10.8

TSH 44

My GP started me on Levothyroxine 100mcg I was feeling really quite ill exhausted no energy hot then shivery sleeping after 4pm right through but waking still exhausted I was finding daily activities very difficult and my part time job a struggle.

In October 2 I saw my endo levels then

TSH 3.82

FT4 18.1

FT3 4 .2

His advice was to remain on Levo at 100mcg until January get bloods done then reduce to 75 mcg and get more bloods before returning to him.

I am still very tired no energy my arms and legs ache and I have gained about 12 lbs in weight despite a healthy gluten free diet and supplements from my holistic doctor

I have read that some do much better on NDT and wonder if I should try it

Amy advice much appreciated

Well, I have just read up on Silent thyroiditis, and my guess is your endo is hoping your thyroid will recover because its most commonly seen post pregnancy when patients do sometimes recover. It seems to be like Hashi's but without the pain.

BUT you are hypothyroid and need more medication now. Your FT4 is barely in range, and your TSH is way too high. Most folk who feel well on levothyroxine have a TSH around one, and a free T3 towards the upper end of the reference range.

Either your thyroid isn't going to recover, or it is biding its time.

Kingsway1 in reply to Ruthi

I think I need a new endo any recommendations I live in Hampshire but can travel ( the current one is in London )

I agree and it is so good to have your support I need a new endo any recommendations I live in Hampshire but could travel

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