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Please please help! I'm so confused

Hello. I am looking for some advise and support as was diagnosed 1 yr ago with hypo and other then being out on Levo I have had no further support or guidance even though in the last 6 months my symptoms has worsened to the point where they are ruling my life.

I take 100mg of Levo daily and have symptoms of extreme fatigue, brain fog, confusion,depression just to name a few.

After asking on a FB page someone suggested further testing of bloods. I have recently had them but they have all come back "ok" although I am NOT okay.

Whe I posted on FB many commented saying that my results were defiantly not okay and I need help. However no one has given me any facts or figures to why they aren't Okay so I have evidence to question my "ok" blood results. I have no idea what the optimal levels should be.

I am getting so so upset and lost with all of this.. Because I feel so ill Im finding it hard to reaseach anything. I am 32yr I have 2 beautiful children 3 and 5 and a husband but right now all I do is sleep through my life.

Please please can anyone help!! I would be so grateful for any guidance !

Blood pressure 124/73mmhg

HBA1c levl-IFCC standardised -(CD) 34mmol/mol

SERUM VIT B12 - 161ng/l

PLASMA TSH - 4.22mu/l (0.34-5.60)

PLASMA triglyceride level 1.0mmol/L


PLASMA SODIUM LEVEL 139mmol/l ( 133-146mmol)

PLASMA POTASSIUM 4.5mmol ( 3.50-5.30mmol)

PLASMA CREATININE 65mmol ( 53.00-97.00umol)

eGFRcreat (CKD-EPI)/ 1.73m*2 >90ml/min/1.73m2


PLASMA TOTAL PROTEIN 66g/l (60.00-80)


PLASMA ALT 12u/l (7-35)



PLASMA HDL CHOLESTROL 2.04mmol ( 0.91-2.21)

NON-HDL - 3.26mmol



PLASMA FOLATE - 9.1ug/l ( 3.80-25)

PLASMA FERRITIN - 21ug/l (11.00-307)

PLASMA FREE T4 - 12.4pmol/l (7.50-21.10)

PLASMA FREE T3 - 5.5pmol (3.50-6.30)

I have had the above tests done plus the ones in the photo!

Any help would be greatly received as I have doctors this week and I need to go in with a clear idea what I need.

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Tsh, ideally needs to be under 1 and free t4 somewhere at the top end of the range when you are on thyroid meds. The free t3 should also be top of the range..... You result currently looks a little odd because the free t3 is surprisingly good considering the high tsh and the mediocre level of free t4.

Ferritin and b12 are on the floor and until these are raised, you cant fully use your thyroid hormones. You need to suppliment your iron and b12,,,,, until b 12 is more than 500 and ferritn in at least 70,...

When the doc put you on thyroid medication, the idea is he checks your blood every couple of months and adjusts your dose until you feel better....

If you have a blood test, leave 24 hours between last dose and test, fast before a test and make it as eatly as you can in the morning....

B12 best taken under the tongue. ( sublingual). Iron can upset your stomach, try spa tone sachets.... Apple flavor available from chemists and amazon.

Xx g


The picture is upside down on my pad aand when i turn the pad round the pic turns also.

So not sure if your typed results have excluded anything from the pic.


Sorry been stressing... So haven't been on to post. Not sure how I can repost the picture this is all new to me.


Galathea seems to have managed perhaps on a pc.. Never mind ,i am useless with technology.


You deffo need to get your B12 up,also i would take some folate to help your body process the b12.


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