Feeling low again

Hello I've been posting alot recently regard vitamins etc and most recently iron I was taking spatone and felt better than I had done in say three years but it wasn't doing anything for my ferritin. I'm three days into a iron ferrous bisglycinate and I feel awful faint and no energy again I'm feeling achey and emotional just feel like I want too sleep which is no good as its Xmas hols I have my little one too watch but I'm so fatigued I have no energy. I just feel so rotten I feel like this also when my levo gets adjusted but that's at the same level and I was feeling fine until just recently i had some more energy I may even say I felt normal again. I feel so sad that I'm feeling like this again I'm only 33 I hate this I just want too feel like I'm capable of looking after my family 😢

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  • I'm so sorry your feeling like this, I'm unable to help regarding the iron etc, but just wanted to wish you well, as I am feeling like you are as well, and its horrible ((((hugs))))

  • Thanks caz I generally feel like this when my brand of levo get changed but I've been on actavis and mercury for a least three months now I did wonder if my meds were different again but I checked and its mercury again. How long have you been feeling ill? I had been feeling better physically but feel back at square one again

  • My symptoms started 6 years ago, but this past year has been worse, I've finally just been diagnosed with hashis, but not being medicated because I'm getting both hyper and hypo symptoms.

  • I forgot too add too my post I've noticed all I'm massively fatigued during day and wide awake at night cant sleep so annoying

  • Yes, I'm like this, but I've never really been a morning person even when a child, always more awake in the evenings. Afternoons are awful 😩

  • See caz I'm the opposite I'm ok in morning I've been taking b12 5000mcg for about four months and had been sleeping like a baby ive changed my iron and boom my symptoms have reared their ugly head

  • I hope somebody can shed some light on this for you.

  • Thank you caz x

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