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Graves disease and feeling low

Hi I was diagnosed with graves disease 6 months ago, was feeling amazing before diagnosis had a few symptoms palpitations and tremors but that was all. Was put on 20mg carbimazole and 160mg m/r propranolol.

Fast forward 5 months and my dose was decreased to 10mg daily and I've ended up hyper again. Dose has been upped to 20mg daily.

Since then I've been lacking confidence, i feel anxious, I'm tired and my life just feels like all I do is work. I use all my energy for work and by the time its the weekend I'm too exhausted to do anything, even going for a walk is exhausting.

Im hoping that as soon as my levels are in range I will feel better but at the moment I feel like its knocked me for six 😔

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Hello there and I'm sorry that your feeling bad at the moment. I too have been recently diagnosed with graves after years of being failed by Drs at my old surgery. I'm having to have mine taken out because I'm allergic to the meds so I'm pretty disappointed and a little anxious. I couldn't imagine trying to work and feeling like you are at the moment. I am lucky with the Drs that I changed too they picked up quite quickly on the fast heart beat, bulging eyes and trembling etc. I really do hope you get some real help and if you ever feel like chatting I'm always here x



It does take time, I've had graves for 6 years.

I was a sad sack for months. I run my own business so had to carry on working. I employ other people to and when they are off sick I stand in for them. I don't know how I managed, I used to get quite mad when they phoned me to say they couldn't come in due to a head ache. I was shattered all the time.

I am still on block and replace, but am really well. I have learnt a lot about how graves affects me. My doctor and endo have been amazing and have said I know how I feel and have adjusted my meds to suit me.

It hasn't always been like that though. Be strong and don't let anyone tell you how you should or are feeling.

I've even started to jog again and feel fantastic. So stick in there your old self will be back twice as strong. Good luck.

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Did you do treatment RAI or operation ?


No I am still on block and replace and have been told I can stay on it for the foreseeable future.


Ok l was diagnosed 2008 ( hyperthyroidsm ) I was taken 300mg propylthiouracil untill 2016 April my New GP reduced my tablets 150 mg because it was too much now I'm waiting for RAI treatment .....


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