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Adding t3 into the mix?

Hi everyone, I am feeling really fatigued at the moment, quality of life is 0 at the minute!! I keep swinging between feeling ok to feeling dreadful (mostly the latter) came home from a friends barbecue last night at 8pm because I just had no energy, arms and legs felt like dead weights, I just feel like my body is packing up!!! My brain is mush!

I'm wondering as i have on and off for a while now whether I should try armour thyroid or try a combination of T3/T4? I have never felt well since being diagnosed and going onto levothyroxine, this was just before I had my daughter 2 years ago and I have never had the energy needed to keep up with her (I work full time too) at one point my TSH was 150!!! I have had normal thyroid results now for the last year but I do not feel well. I really don't know where to start with T3 and too be honest I'm a little scared :-/

Any advice appreciated.

The last time I had my t3 tested it was 4.7 and t4 was 17. TSH always been under 2 for last year. I'm taking iron to try and raise ferritin it's only 17.

Thanks guys x

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Sorry i dont have an answer.

Ive been hypo for 20 yrs on t4 only.

My results were much like yours:

Surpressed tsh

21 t4

4.1 t3

I have just started t3 only today. 40mgs per day


Hi Well T4 is fine, but I would certainly need more FT3, I need my FT3 near the top of range, good Endo. If still not right it may e the other connected issues, hormonal and autoimmune that need testing, also adrenals.If still do not feel right, then ask to see a good Endo, find one ready as it needs to be your choice not GP`s. Like everyone good and bad.

I hope this helps,


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Your ferritin is really low and that's going to affect your thyroid hormone production as well as make you feel tired and foggy-brained. More info here:


Xanthe, interesting article, thanks for posting :) My GP didn't even prescribe me iron and yet it says in the article you referenced that if ferritin is in the teens you could even request iron injections! I had to buy the ferrous sulphate myself! Hopefully I'll feel much better in a few months if I can get these levels up?! I had been assuming it was lack of thyroid medication but the iron could week be my problem.


I found that the iron made a difference, but be patient, it takes quite a while to come up. From memory, my ferritin increased from around 29 to 46 after 3 months on a dose of 2 x 210 mg ferrous fumarate/day - I think that's equivalent to about 130mg elemental iron (from memory again). If ferrous sulphate upsets your tum try the fumarate (Boots has it) - it's supposed to be better in that regard - I certainly had no problems.

NB don't take your iron near your thyroid hormones - it affects absorption - I believe that you need to be at least 2 hours away, maybe four, but rake the iron with some food.

Like you, my GP would do nothing when presented with my ferritin levels, but out-of-range tranferrin persuaded him. I only went to the GP to get advice on the dose, but Stop the thyroid Madness covers that.

Good Luck!



Thanks Xanthe, Im on 200mg 3 x a day. it says on the box equivalent to 65mg of ferrous sulphate. I'll keep plodding on with it. X


what are the ranges for your fT3 and fT4 please? I suspect that your fT3 is low but would need the range to be sure. I never felt well on thyroxine but am feeling so much better on Armour, although it was quite a slow process for me to get to the right dose.

It may be that your low ferritin is causing some of the fT4 not to convert to fT3 and it maybe converting to rT3 instead. I think I had this problem when my ferritin was below range. Your doctor should be prescribing iron for you I would think. What iron are you taking? xx


T3 does make all the difference for some people. Can you add some T3 while you try to raise your ferritin level?



Clarebear - off the top of my head my t4 was 17 and T3 was 4.7 it has never been over 5 or even close. Dr is useless and won't prescribe iron as my result is in range - just!!! However my serum haemoglobin was not so I don't understand why he wouldn't prescribe it?!! Pharmacist even queried it! I makes my blood boil that I have to mess about with them like this.

Heloise - I don't know maybe I could? What t3 would I use is it cytomel? I think this would be a question for my endo, who again is a waste of time. I did ask about it last time and he didn't seem keen. I think I need to find a private specialist who is recommended. I need somebody who is going to get me well again, at the minute I feel like I'm on my own :(



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