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Hypothyroid and feeling cold again

ARGHHHHHHH any ideas on why I'm suddenly feeling cold again ? A while back I was like it and constipated etc tired blah blah... this cold thing went on for a while but then it stopped until today... I've been taking my levo everyday so any clues as to y I'm back to this again?.. I had my bloods dome again yesterday so will find out soon what my levels are at. Last time they were TSH 6.6

( 0.3-6.3) think that's the range I as told by my doctor...

I will add I recently had endoscopy and told I've got a sliding hiatus hernia and acid reflux. My feet are freezing as well, joints feel a tad throbbing..

I'm also in early menopause due to hysterectomy 4.5yrs ago .. ARGHHHHHHH. I have noticed that my tummy is very tight in upper middle of abdomen , and when I've been freezing before I've noticed my stomach is also giving me jip. Any clues as to the feeling cold thing anybody ???

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Well unless you've had a dose increase since your last test you're likely to be undertreated. Your tsh was very high.

Did you have a full tft incl t3 yesterday? Would be good to know if you're converting.

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Hi, no I've not had a dose increase.. my TSH level has been lowering however since being on levo. They ideally want me on 150mcg levo but when I take it I've had chest discomfort and it scared me so I'm taking 125mcg instead

Funnily enough I spoke to doc on phone and she was great and asked me if I've had T3 tested,but I've only had tsh tested so this test I've just had they r testing my t3 as well and I ant recall what else she said about being tested si will c what results come back with...


Ok, so it sounds like your gp is looking into what's going wrong which is great. I wonder if you're failing to convert your levo and would benefit from t3. So it looks like you need to see what those results look like.

Just fyi, sometimes the lab will refuse to test, so keep your eye on the ball and get a copy of your test results asap. If your t3 isn't there, get your gp to ring the lab. They keep the sample for - I think - a week, and if there are compelling reasons to test it they may do the t3 test when requested even after initially refusing.


Hi again, thanks for reply - I wish I understood what it all means but im absolutely clueless about it all still.. I have heard about needing the T3 etc tested too and this Doc was fab as she brought it up herself on the phone so sounds like she might be more clued up than other doc I spoken to.. I'm pretty sure they r testing it this time. When I last asked for a print out she said she really didn't know how to do it so she just were down some previous tsh results for me.. but I dunno where there r as was on bit of paper... so what is T3?? ..So it's a separate medication is it to take alongside the levo or .....?

Will the doc prescribe it to me then if I'm looking as though I'm needing t3?..


Levothyroxine (t4) is a storage hormone. Your body has to convert it to the usable hormone t3. Some people don't seem to do this very well so the t4 kind of piles up while the t3 stays low, which can make you feel undermedicated (hypo symptoms) but on paper you'll look very well medicated if they only test t4 and tsh. The t3 test will reveal whether or not you're getting the benefit of your levo.

If you don't convert you may want to try a little t3 in addition to levo, or you may feel better on t3 alone.

Idk if your gp will see it this way - they tend to be awkward about t3 because it is expensive and they have little clinical evidence to suggest that it's better (for those who need it) than levo. But it's good news that she seems to be clued up, so I'll have my fingers crossed for you!


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