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Dr Kendrick

Two more new comments on his blog which was mentioned here in May this year:-

1.In response to lorrainecleaver7:

I could weep with gratitude for this post Dr Kendrick. This situation defies belief. Today I tried to help a twenty eight year old housebound woman with Hashimotos hypothyroidism denied treatment because the TSH was not over ten. Another friend was a very successful BBC director, also now housebound, not worked for a decade – […]

Thank you, Dr. Kendrick! The situation in US medicine isn’t much better. The dirty word in all this is “self-treatment”, because that is the only way patients who cannot afford boutique/concierge medicine, can get off of SSRIs and feel well again. US patients with financial resources go to doctors like this guy, and the rest suffer:


Helen Hulbert commented on Treating Thyroid patients like children.

in response to Sula Maye:

I am so pleased to hear you addressing this issue. I have been hypothyroid for twenty years and hit the ‘m.e’ wall four years ago. I presumed that because i had an enlightened GP who allowed me both T3 and T4 my thyroid had no part to play in my illness. That was until I […]

NDT was the only thing that relieved all my swelling from 20 years undiagnosed hypothyroidism. It also helped my skin, by this time even my eyelids were peeling. Before NDT I took 200 MCG of Levothyroxine for 2 years, which did absolutely nothing.

I’m self medicating now, unfortunately it’s the only way to go. I saw an endo once, who told me it wasn’t my thyroid, but kindly wrote to me that my thyroid antibodies were in the 600’s

I’ve also found out that thyroid meds don’t work until there is sufficient cortisol. I paid for my own adrenal testing and my cortisol is dangerously low along with DHEA. I was fainting regularly until I decided to buy hydrocortisone. Taking 20 mg of hydrocortisone has resulted in mostly normal temps for the first time in decades. I’ve found also it’s important to have sufficient iron, Folate, Vit D3, Vit B12 for the thyroid meds to work. I was deficient in all of them.

I still have swollen ankles, dry skin, muscle pain but considerably better than I was 4 years ago. Even my underarm and pubic hair which I had lost completely is starting to grow again. My nails had stopped growing, these are getting longer, just head hair loss to improve.

I had all the classic symptoms, even the enlarged tongue, sudden high cholesterol, painful joints, low mood, painful muscles. 30 years of antidepressants, when all the time it was low T3.

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Makes me grind my teeth with rage, Shaws. Telling me "it's not your thyroid" and "Levothyroxine can't cause those symptoms" didn't improve anything for me. I doubt I'd still be here if I hadn't managed to improve my health by self medicating. If doctors are so convinced thyroid levels are within range means "it's not the thyroid" they should be drilling down to find out what is making the patient so unwell.


Clutter, I'm not surprised at all.

The treatment/non-treatment/ has given us an inbuilt anger and we've had to source our own information and treatment. No support or very little from the experts. Do they only want to see their names up in lights (as in the theatre). At least here on this forum we can advise whom not to consult/not waste our money - difficult to find when you've to buy your own meds/consultations.

Dr Hertoghe diminished in the press by treating a teenager who was then removed from her Mother and home. How frightening is that for a child and horror for the Mother. Some of our members have even travelled to see him, in Belgium I believe. It is ridiculous but we are forced to search other avenues.

They believe the nonsense of the guidelines and even put in their guidelines that the TSH is KING and we, the patients, are like sheep herded into the pen. Eat what what we are given, told what we have or don't have when we instinctively know something is out of whack with our system. If you hadn't had T3 added and if I hadn't we wouldn't have had any idea that levo only didn't make us improve.

Ignorance of clinical symptoms which remain untreated if we don't get hormones which suit us and they are just not interested. We either become troublesome patients - some removed from their register.

When Dr Skinner invited all of the Endos to a Conference to talk about the Parlous Situation for patients (who were all turning up on his or Dr P's doorstep) - he was ignored and not one had the courtesy to accept his invite. Another eminent Endo told one patient 'we've got him now' (unbeknown to him that they were already under Dr S's care too) and all Dr S was doing was what they should have been doing - diagnosing and treating but, unfortunately, they appear to have lost that humane quality somewhere in their climb up the ladder.

God help those who've no internet access nor people who understand what they're going through at present.

In this day and age of 'communication' it's sorely lacking in the thyroid division.


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