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'Treating thyroid patients like children' by Dr Malcolm Kendrick

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I assume a lot of us have read this already (a lot of you have commented :-) ) but thought it was worth posting for those who haven't.


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Thank you for posting the article, really interesting. Interestingly for me before I was diagnosed hypo I went to the gp with feeling exhausted, difficulty concentrating low mood etc and was started on citalopram and later propanalol for palpitations which I was told was because I was anxious. It took me a good few years to come off these and even now when I go to the gp with any symptom it's assumed I am depressed and I am offered anti depressants.

There was a scheme years back called tHe expert patient in the nhs but I often go in feeling as though I am being judged as a trouble make or somatic symptoms. It just makes you think if they reduced the prescribing of ssri's this money could be used in a much better way.

puncturedbicycle good to keep it to the forefront though. Thanks for reposting.

Of course as soon as I posted a column of identical 'related posts' appeared on the right! I don't bother w the dismal search function anymore so this is the result. :-)

Thank you for posting I hadn't seen this before. I want to show my gp when I see him but I doubt it will be read by him he can't even read my notes. I was told by him I was due a smear test.......strange because I had a hysterectomy 17 years ago so not needed since then!

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spongecat in reply to hebden

Oh my! :D

I like Dr Kendrick....he shoots from the hip!

hebden maybe if you wait long enough they'll offer you a second hysterectomy. :-)

Oh yes it may have grown back ha ha ! Im offered gastric surgery and then a second hysterectomy but no thyroid help. Sounds about right!

Finally, I understand what everyone is saying. That article is very clear. Thanks for sharing.

Woe betide any doctor who treats me like a child!

Very interesting article!

Some hysterectomy procedures preserve the cervix, so don’t assume that you haven’t got a cervix. If you have a cervix, you can get cervical cancer.

And don’t be harsh on your doctor. If you had a hysterectomy 17 years ago, you cannot expect a doctor to know details regarding your history going back 17 years.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Wiseoldlady

You have posted a response onto an old thread from over two years ago. Whilst some people might notice it, many won't.

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